A Broken Heart

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Let's do the plot twist AGAIN

Dixon and the gang tell her the baddies have walked in. Sydney sing-songs, "I'm goin' shoppin!" Dixon tells her to bring them back something. Turning from girly to bad-ass in the blink of an eye, she mutters, "That's the plan."

The Techno Of International Tension plays. Sydney browses some stalls. Some guy tries to sell her something, and wonder of wonders, she asks him questions in English. I guess she figures her kelly-green crocheted ensemble makes her stand out enough, never mind command of an Arabic-French patois. Sydney spies on the baddies as they talk about "phase three" and "Patel" being the deliveryman. Just then, a bodyguard spots Sydney. She realizes she knows him "from Corsica, two years ago. He broke my arm." Dixon eyes him with a camera, and starts as he realizes that the bodyguard's spotted them. Dixon and the gang start to break camp. The bodyguard mutters something into a wrist transmitter and starts to follow Sydney.

Sydney beats it down the kasbah. She asks Dixon what's happening. He tells her to run. The bodyguard catches up with Sydney. He's learned English via Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, because his delivery is exactly the same as Ah-nuld's, but with a different accent. He tells Sydney he knows her. Sydney tries to play it off. He says she remembers him, too, and tosses her inside some carpet dealer's store. Apparently, the owner of the store is gone. Sydney's still trying to pretend she doesn't know him. Ah-nuld 2 says he's going to do more than break her arm. They fight. She kicks his ass. He passes out. A tourist couple enters and sees him spread-eagled on the floor with Sydney standing over him. Sydney: "He wanted to charge me fifty dollars. Too much." The couple backs out of the store.

Dixon and the gang are cleaning up when he hears two shots in the distance. Sydney races up a flight of stairs, shouting for Dixon, and finds Machtar, dead. She turns a corner and finds Dixon and the gang beset by a pack o' baddies. Baddies are dispatched right quick. Sydney grabs some bags, and returns to Machtar's body and touches his head gently. Her hand is bloody after she removes it. Dixon walks up and reminds her, "We have to go."

Los Angeles. Sydney's Apartment Of Unspoken Secrets. Her apartment is beautiful. I realize that the older I get, the more real estate becomes my new pornography. Where? How much? Will someone catch me staring at it? Francie asks Sydney how her trip was. Sydney says it was awful, then changes the topic to Charlie. Francie says she's meeting him for coffee, and that if he doesn't have an explanation, it's over. Will appears and says that Francie is on a rampage, and that he had to force her to call him. Francie and Sydney hug for a long time before Francie leaves. It's clear that Francie thinks Sydney is prolonging the hug to give Francie emotional support, while it's clear from Sydney's face that Sydney is on the verge of a breakdown and wants to hold onto something solid. Francie says, "Love you," and Sydney mouths it back at her. No one loves Will.

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