A Broken Heart

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Let's do the plot twist AGAIN

Truer words never were spoke. Will carries Sydney's bag into the living room and starts talking about the kiss. He says he's figured out why it was so weird, since you hardly ever kiss someone who's that close to you. Sydney looks over and realizes that he's nervously flipping her luggage tag in his hands, which reads, "Kate Jones." She walks over and, on the pretext of sitting next to him, takes the case out of his hands. Will says he's figured out a way for it not to be so awkward, and lays his lips on her. They kiss. It falls flat. Will feels like a schmuck. Oh, poor Will. Poor Sydney. We've all been there. Sydney announces she has to go have dinner with her father.

Sydney. Restaurant. Spy Daddy hasn't shown.

Francie. Charlie. Coffee. Francie tells Charlie she saw him with "Rachel." Charlie tries to get all indignant about her spying on him. Francie sticks to her guns and says that she doesn't have anything to answer for, that he does. Charlie tries to play the "I trust YOU" card and Francie snaps back, "I give you reason to!" Charlie says he's not playing around, that they're just hanging out. Francie says fine, he can go "hang out" with Rachel then. Yeah -- that explanation pretty much blew.

Sydney. Restaurant. Spy Daddy is not going to show. The wailing of a scarf-wearing ovary (tm Sars) signals that this is A Poignant Moment. I think it's Sarah McLachlan or some other ovulation-inducing, Lilith-Fair-attending singer. Annoying Nokia ring. It's Spy Daddy making his excuses -- "work." Camera pans out to Spy Daddy sitting in his car just outside the restaurant.

Pier. Sydney, crying, saying that she's sorry, but she didn't know who else to call. Ohmigod -- it's Vaughn! Whoa, I really wasn't expecting that. Although it does make sense, because who else can she call? At this point, she must be sick of telling everyone half-truths, and he's the one person who knows everything. She cries about how Spy Daddy stood her up, and she knows he just lied because he didn't want to have dinner with her, and Machtar's death makes her feel like she's losing her mind, and she can't stand that a good man died thinking he was working for the good guys. Jennifer Garner sounds like she's really crying here, not that pretty-pretty-fakey crying some actors do. It's snotty-sounding, it's slobbery, and it's messy. Her beeper goes off, and she tosses it in the ocean. Vaughn points that out. She half-laughs, half-sobs. Vaughn wrinkles his pretty, pretty forehead and tosses her some pretty, pretty words of comfort. To wit: He's got his eye on her. Don't let the anger taint her. And she can count on him. Wow, what a great speech. If by "great speech" you mean "disjointed and nonsensical speech." She grabs his hand. They stand that way, holding hands from about four feet apart.

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