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Then we're back, momentarily, at The Subbasement Of Dreams And Desires as Syd says, "It won't always be like this, right?" Vaughn says, "It will end." Now, you could take this interaction one of two ways. You could assume that Syd's talking about the lying and the subterfuge and the living the double-agent life, and Vaughn's trying to reassure her that it's all going to be okay one day. Or, if you're paranoid and constantly trying to find hidden meaning in places where there is none, you'll take it that Syd's actually asking Vaughn if THEY'LL always be like this. Meaning, like, their relationship (or lack thereof). The subtext is, "We'll get together sometime, right? You won't always be with that choppy-haired bitch, will you?" So, in that frame of mind, Vaughn's response, "It will end," obviously means, "We'll get together someday, I swear. IT WILL END WITH ALICE." Yeah. I used to listen to records backwards. What of it?

So, after that loaded exchange, Syd finally delivers her requisite "I should go" and then does.

Casa de Crazy. Sloane enters his house, and Jack instructs him not to turn on the lights. Sloane's all, way to make with the guilty act, dude. You shouldn't have run from Face Doneaway. Jack's all, yeah, whatever -- she looks like a pulled chicken. She just needs someone to blame since she can't find out who really offed your wife. I mean, of course, other than you! BWAH HA HA! Sloane joins in. Hee! TOTALLY, DUDE! Other than me! HEE HEE HEE! Oh. That's funny. Good times. After wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes, Jack steps forward and tells Sloane that he didn't murder Auntie Em. "But if I don't find the person who did, [Face] will frame me for it. I have some leads, I need you to pursue them for me." He passes Sloane a file and asks him if he can trust him to pursue the leads. Sloane just smirks and says, "Of course. This will stay between us."

Jack exits. Sloane waits less than a millisecond before he picks up the phone. It's Face Doneaway on the other line. "Agent [Face]. Arvin Sloane. Jack Bristow just left my house."

Wow. First Marshall. Now Jack. Seriously. What's taboo for this freaknut? This guy won't stop until he kills him-SELF.

Next on Alias: The ABC monkeys use bad grammar, and Syd and Vaughn finally go on a date! Alice WHO?

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