A Man Of His Word

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Erin: C+ | 1 USERS: B-
And that word is, "Buh-bye."

"When I stepped down as director of this task force," says Sloane, "you had full discretion. I'm not going to argue with your choice because the mission was a success. But I would have appreciated, as a father, to be apprised of your decision to my daughter's life at risk." Heh. "As you do mine, every day," snaps Jack. Nice one, Jack. "When I accepted this position," says Sloane, "I made two agreements: one with Langley and one with you. A pact." "That's still in effect," says Jack. "But only because my daughter is unhurt," says Sloane. "I wonder, Jack, what assurances I have that you will continue to honor it." Oh, man. These two are up to no good. I TOLD YOU SO.

Next on Alias: It's hard to tell from the preview clip, but it looks like Jack gets beaten up and Nadia tries on an expression other than beatific understanding. Namely, she looks pissed and, dare I say, eeeeevil.

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