A Man Of His Word

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And that word is, "Buh-bye."

So, whatever, Sark's wheeled into a conference room or something and placed before Sloane. His hood is removed and he sees his old buddy, sitting in front of him. He smirks. "This is…classic," he says. Hee. Elsewhere in the building, Dix and Jack are watching the action on a monitor. Dix doesn't like that Sark seems to be the only way they can get intel on the CRF, mainly because Sloane signed an agreement with Langley not to meet with Sark, so the whole meeting thing really can't be good. Jack states that Sark won't spill the beans unless he feels he's meeting up with his intellectual match. Oh, whatever. I mean, really.

Sark blah blahs something to Sloane about how, way back when, Sloane managed to dupe a bunch of CIA agents into thinking they were working for the real CIA, when in fact they were working for the Alliance. "How you convinced the U.S. government into offering you the real thing is a story I am dying to hear," he sneers. "Suffice it to say, Arvin, you have my undying admiration." That whole line is just…bad. You don't convince someone into doing something; you just convince them to do something. And he says "dying" in one sentence and then "undying" in another? What, were the writers on a sabbatical in Vegas when this episode came up on the roster? Were they all down at the craps table losing their shirts and drinking Wild Turkey? I don't…yeah, this is not going to be a good recap for me, I can tell.

Sloane just slides a folder over to Sark. Sark opens it. There are a bunch of pictures of slaughtered men inside -- men who, Sloane says, were the guys who were going to get Sark out of custody in Johannesburg? Huh? What? Sark planned the whole Johannesburg thing, I thought. The? I? Whuh? In the whuh whuh? Whatever. Sloane says that Sark'll have the same thing happen to him if he refuses to cooperate. Yeah. I'm sure he's reaaaaal scurred. Sloane wants to know how to retrieve the bomb. I really missed the memo on the whole "bomb" issue, but I've come to the conclusion that the virus or whatever from the last episode has been combined with some bomb thingy from the guy Anna met up with in the very last scene and now it's, like, a devastating nerve/virus bomb or something. I know. My cerebral cortex aches.

Sark says that the Cadmus Revolutionary Front is fronted by some dude named Ushek San'ko, and this guy is going to take possession of the bomb very shortly. How Sark knows this, I have NO idea. Jack calls up intel on Ushek as Sark tells Sloane that he's happy to help him retrieve the bomb. "I promise you," says Sark. "You have my word." Sloane's all, oh, "your word"? Yeah. That and a buck fifty won't buy me a cup of coffee, dingbat. Sark's all, dude? I've been in prison. I means whats I says now. He is so full of shit. He's playing everyone, just like he always does. I don't know how he does it, but the man can be lashed to an ironing board and not have the use of his hands and STILL he manages to have the upper hand.

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