A Man Of His Word

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Erin: C+ | 1 USERS: B-
And that word is, "Buh-bye."

St. Aidan's Hospital for Comatose Siblings. Syd's stomping around with her cell phone, ordering Dixon to look up one of Anna's old call signs. Weiss is waiting outside Nadia's room as Syd approaches. Sloane walks out and blah blahs something about how he doesn't hold Syd responsible for what happened to Nadia. He then repeats that thing about how Anna won't kill Nadia because it's not her destiny. Syd's all, oh, please. Not that prophecy shit again. Sloane's all, dude? All I have is my faith. Right then, a fire alarm goes off. Everyone scrambles, but the Appleseed Gang knows their shit, so Syd and Weiss go off in search of whoever tripped the alarm, and Sloane stays behind in order to protect Nadia until the security detail gets there.

Syd runs up some stairs as Anna, sporting a blue cable knit cardigan, snakes through a corridor elsewhere in the building. While Syd and Weiss are busy running around for no reason, Anna calmly walks into Nadia's room and shoots her three times. We don't see her head, but blood oozes out from beneath the blanket, so we're supposed to assume she's dead. But she's not. In case you were worried. Also? So much for Anna not killing Nadia because of her "destiny." Yeah. Where's your Rambaldi prophecy now, huh, Sloane?

Her job done, Anna leaves Nadia's room and walks off. Syd comes up, and they see each other and start shooting. Then Anna grabs a fire hose off the wall and wraps it around herself. Then she hauls ass toward a window at the end of the hall and starts shooting, finally launching herself out the window and flinging down to the ground. She runs off without a scratch, and Syd runs back to check on her sister. Seeing the blood, she's obviously concerned, but when she pulls back the blanket, all that's beneath it is a bunch of blood bags. Ew. Sloane comes up and says that Nadia's next door; he thought it would be a good idea to move her until the security team showed up. Guess he's starting to lose his faith in the prophecy, huh?

Nadia gets moved to the Apple Store where Doc Pineal can manage her recovery. Sloane and Jack ponder why Anna would come after Nadia in a public place like that. Sloane's all, dude? I don't give a damn about Anna's agenda. Kill the bitch. Jack's all, dude? You must chill. Sloane's all, whatever corners you have to cut, whatever favors you have to pull, find that slut and eliminate her. Jack's all, what about that faith you had that Nadia will survive? Sloane's all, homes? This ain't about faith. Kill. The. Bitch.

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