A Man Of His Word

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And that word is, "Buh-bye."

Marshall's Garage of Geekiness. Remember that security camera from the last episode? Well, it recorded something, and Marshall has it. He yammers at Jack about how he patched into the Estonia system and bladdedy blah and Jack just cocks his eyebrow at him, like, dude? GET ON WITH IT. There's more and more yammering and blathering and finally, Marshall plays the video and we hear Nadia asking NBC what he's planning and then he whispers in her ear and…Marshall has no idea what the guy says. Well, that was…fruitless. But he did manage to isolate a part of the footage, and it looks like Anna was lurking in the background and she saw everything that took place so, obviously, she thinks Nadia knows something. Jack thinks this is why Anna went after Nadia in the hospital.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Sark gave the CIA the meet protocol for Ushek. A coded ad was placed in the personals and, if all goes well, they should have a response by the evening edition. Syd's all, then, what? You and I go in there alone? Vaughn's all, you mean, is it a glorified date? Huh? Whuh? Syd's all, uh, no, that's not what I meant, but, uh, is it? Vaughn's all, uh, not if you think having Sark along for the ride constitutes a romantic interlude. Well, now that you mention it, Vaughn…Syd's concerned that Sark will burn them. Vaughn just reminds her about the explosive chip in Sark's neck and says that if he takes one step out of line, boom. Syd kind of looks down at her hands in the universal gesture of, "Pay attention to me, because I am sad." Vaughn picks up on it and reaches over, trying to assure her that Nadia will be okay. Yeah. Because let's not forget, it's ALL ABOUT SYDNEY. Hey, Syd, while your boyfriend there is trying to comfort you, how about you return the gesture and, I don't know, make sure he's okay after he HAD TO OPEN HIS WIFE'S COFFIN AND SHOW HER OFF TO HER EX-BOYFRIEND? God.

Recovery Room of Comatose Sisters. Jack's grilling Doc Pineal on Nadia's progress. Namely, he wants to know what might happen if Nadia were to come out of her coma, um, early. Doc Pineal says that the quicker she's revived, the higher the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and an alarming ability to HATE THIS EPISODE. Jack will take those odds, apparently, as we'll see in just a minute. But first, we have to check in with the Terrible Trio as they make their way to Venice, Italy for the meet with Ushek. Syd wants to know all there is to know about Ushek. Sark just says that he coordinates terrorist activities and he's fairly certain he's the dude who tasked Anna with getting the bomb. He goes on to say that Ushek wants to meet at a club in Venice where they've done business before. "He wants me to come alone," says Sark. "Alone?" snits Vaughn. "That's interesting." Hee. That line alone takes this episode from a D to a C. Seriously.

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