A Man Of His Word

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Erin: C+ | 1 USERS: B-
And that word is, "Buh-bye."

"You have my permission to kill him if you'd like," smirks Vaughn from above. Heh. "I'm sure Julian's told you that we never mix business with pleasure," Syd trills, shoving a lime into Sark's mouth. Then she sucks down a shot, leans over, and chews on the lime while it's still clamped between Sark's teeth! Hee. There's an extended kiss and a chomp and Vaughn watches and it's hilarious and Syd finally grabs the lime and pulls back, revealing that Sark's lip is bleeding. Hee hee hee. Okay, we've moved up to a B- with this scene. Ushek's sporting some serious wood, and Syd just keeps sucking on her lime. Suddenly, a shot rings out and Ushek goes down, having been plugged in the throat by one Anna Espinosa. Vaughn runs off after her as Syd quickly handcuffs Sark to a handrail. Syd follows Vaughn and they both run after Anna. Shoot shoot shoot, run run run. Anna gets away. Syd and Vaughn return to Sark and…he's not there.

He's with Anna, of course, and they're charging down some dimly lit hallways. They head out to a boat and get in. Vaughn and Syd keep lamely looking for them. In the boat, Anna tells Sark he has an explosive device in his neck. How in the HELL did she know that? "EEEP!" says Bert. "Eeep ooop oop, MEEP." Anna just slices into Sark's neck with a scalpel in order to get at the device. Heh. Back with Syd and Vaughn, he thinks they should blow the tracking device and kill Sark. For some bizarre reason, Syd hesitates because Sark could lead them to Anna. Speaking of Anna, she's still slicing into Sark's neck. Ew. She nabs the device and removes it. Just then, the signal on Vaughn's Sark-o-Meter goes blank. Anna then introduces herself to Sark and a temporary partnership is born.

After the break, Syd calls her daddy and fills him in on the happenings in Venice. Jack just orders Syd to check with her sources and find out if there are any rumblings about a bomb sale. They get off the phone, and Dix enters and basically says a bunch of stuff about Sark and Anna and tracking them and GIVE DIXON SOMETHING BETTER TO DO ALREADY. Jack then realizes that he has no choice but to get Nadia out of her coma so he can ask her what NBC whispered in her ear. He heads into a medical supply room that's unlocked, of course, because that's what medical supply rooms are for, you know, being unlocked, and Jack, whose training as an ER doctor really comes in handy at moments like these, grabs a drug bottle and a syringe off a shelf and blithely heads off to snap Nadia out of her stupor. He walks right into her room, because why would there be any extra security surrounding the room of a girl who was just the target of an ASSASSIN, and quickly injects the Drug of Awakening directly into Nadia's IV. He brushes a lock of hair off her face and suddenly she comes to and removes her oxygen mask.

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