All The Time In The World (2)

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Erin: B- | 8 USERS: A-
This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Glad you're sure of it, Sydney, because you're about to engage in the mother of all fights with...your mother.

Back in the present, Syd goes flying into a wall, leaving a Sydney-sized dent in it. She lands on the floor, and immediately, Irina's on top of her, strangling her with some wire. She struggles and jerks, and Irina pulls her back and slams her into some glass, which conveniently shatters so that Sydney can pick up a shard and stab her mother in the knee with it. Irina smacks her daughter hard and slams her down onto a table, pulling the shard out of her knee and making as if to stab Sydney in the throat with it. Syd manages to keep her from doing this and, at the last minute, she grabs The Horizon and hits her mother in the side of the head with it. They both stand, and Syd lunges at Irina and they go flying through a window, landing several feet below on a patio.

They both struggle to find their breath and get their fighting stances back. "Why are you fighting me on this?" asks Irina. "The defense satellites are destroyed." Syd looks up in the sky and sees the flaming satellites flying through the sky. "The stars will fall from the sky," whispers Syd. "Even if you manage to beat me on this rooftop," says Irina, "it's still too late to stop the launch." Syd looks over at her mother. "You think I came here alone?" Heh.

We cut to Sark, staring at the monitors in the control room. One of his lackeys tells him that they're ready for final preparations, and Sark says to proceed. Suddenly, all of the equipment goes dark. Sark's all, what the? And then Vaughn cracks him in the face with is elbow. Hee. He slams Sark's head into one of the desks and Sark goes down, his expensive silk suit still looking fabulous. Vaughn points his gun at Sark and says, "It appears we have a predicament." Heh. Nice one, Vaughn.

Back with DeadAlive Sloane, Dead Nadia arrives to tell Sloane that he finally did it and that he was right all along. He tells her that he will never forget her sacrifice. That's very well and good, Sloane, considering that she didn't GIVE of that sacrifice WILLINGLY. Asshole. He stands and tells her that The Horizon is gone, and that Irina is probably dividing up his spoils as they speak. "Then we should get moving," she says, turning to go. "We don't have to hurry anymore, Nadia," he says. "We have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD." Everybody drink! Jack appears in place of Dead Nadia, the Bristow Look of Steely Determination™ on his face. Uh-oh. Spy Daddy looks pissed.

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