All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Back with Sydney and Irina "Skating on Thin Ice" Derevko, the glass is still creaking and splitting and Syd is telling her mother that she needs to come back because the glass won't hold her. Oh, let her die, Sydney! She just tried to kill you! In fact, she's tried to kill you PLENTY of times! Including right after you were BORN. Let the bitch die. I mean, I love her and everything, but can you honestly say that Sydney shouldn't just kill the woman and get it over with? Or is this one of those occasions where someone falls on a knife so that Syd doesn't actually have to be responsible for their death? I hate those occasions.

Anyway, Irina tries to move, but the glass starts splitting again, some more, and Syd begs her mother to give her her hand so she can save her, although why she wants to do THAT I can't fucking imagine, and Irina totally ignores her because she sees The Horizon almost within reach and this entire closing moment is RIGHT out of Last Crusade, only it's the child who's pleading with the parent to let it go. Irina can't let it go, however, and she gets her hand on The Horizon, only to have the glass crack beneath her. She falls to her death. Sydney is now an orphan. Vaughn comes out onto the roof and takes Sydney in his arms. They hug as the Vaughn and Sydney Forever love theme plays over the soundtrack.

As the satellite "stars" continue to fall from the sky, we check in with Sloane, who is calling out for Nadia as the dust of Jack's explosion settles around him. He doesn't seem to be able to move and soon we realize why: he's trapped under a portion of Rambaldi's tomb. Nadia approaches as Sloane tells her that he can't move. She says she can't help him. But, as he said, he has all the time in the world. He can figure out a way to free himself while he's down there all living for eternity and shit. "Well, at least you're here with me," he says. "No," she whispers, leaving him alone with his eternal life. Oh ho ho. That is just the BEST ending ever for him. It's like that saying, "Careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it." Rest in peace, Sloane. FOREVER.

We leave Sloane to enjoy eternity in his tomb and travel over to some beach where a pretty little girl is building a sand castle. I think we're supposed to assume this is Little Syd again, but it's not the same actress, so that idea is quickly erased. Suddenly, her eyes light up and she calls, "Daddy!" Vaughn appears in the doorway in a rumpled blue oxford. Sigh. I will miss that. He looks out at the surf and sees Dixon, making his way toward the house. "Uncle Dixon!" shouts Isabelle. Aw. She flings herself into his arms and they hug. Vaughn makes his way out to Dix on the sand and says, "Deputy Director!" "Please," says Dixon. "This far out from can just call me 'sir'." Heh. They hug and Vaughn asks if he had a hard time finding the house. "Are you kidding?" says Dixon. "I had an impossible time finding this place." "Well, I guess that's sort of the point," says Vaughn. So they're in hiding, I guess.

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