All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Syd comes out on the porch and she's holding a rather large baby boy with an amazing head of black hair. She kisses Dixon hello and introduces him to Jack, her son. They smile at each other, and Dix tells them that Marshall sends his best and would have tagged along, but Carrie's on bed rest. "Another baby?" says Syd incredulously. "I don't know how she does it." "This makes four," says Dix. "All boys." Oh, poor Carrie. I don't think she signed up for a bunch of little Marshalls running around. Syd invites Dix inside and Vaughn asks Isabelle to finish unpacking her toys like she promised to. Isabelle runs off.

Syd pours them some lemonade and asks Dix if this is purely a social call. Dix shoots a glance at Vaughn and fesses up that he could use some field assistance. He needs someone to intercept a bad guy and retrieve a hard drive. Syd asks why he can't put Rachel on it. Dix says she's on deep cover assignment in Santiago and he can't risk pulling her. Nice to know that Rachel's still on the job. "Besides," he says, "this job has sentimental value." He opens up a folder and shows her a picture of Sark. "Sark," snits Vaughn. "Don't look at me," smiles Syd. "You're the one that let him go." Ouch.

We head to Isabelle's bedroom where she's unpacking boxes. It looks like she's unpacking a box she's not supposed to, though, because she has a sneaky look on her face. We go back to the living room as Dixon tries to convince Sydney to take the job. "Who knows?" he says. "It could be fun." "That's what you say every time you show up on my doorstep," she retorts. "The next thing you know I'm jumping over canals in three-inch-heels while napalm explodes around me." What, and that's not fun? "That's how I define fun," says Dix. Heh. Vaughn says they should finish this conversation after dinner, effectively ending the discussion. Everyone stands and Sydney calls for Isabelle.

Isabelle looks down at something, and we hear her doing something with her hands. Sydney calls again and says that they're going for a walk. Isabelle stops what she's doing and we see that she's just built the Indicator puzzle, just like her mother did all those years ago. Why her mother is keeping the damn thing around the house when it caused her so much pain is a mystery to me, but Isabelle knocks it over and runs after her parents. "Hey, what've you been doing back there?" asks Sydney when Isabelle catches up to her. "Nothing, mom," says Isabelle, possibly indicating that she wants nothing to do with the spy world and will live a normal and happy life, just as Sydney wants her to.

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