All The Time In The World (2)

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Erin: B- | 8 USERS: A-
This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

We fly over to what appears to be some military base where Sark, working a black turtleneck/tan leather jacket/aviator glasses combo that is doing him ALL kinds of favors, stands waiting by his car. Sloane arrives and tells him "good work" on the L.A. job. "I'm not sure 'good' is the proper word for it," snits Sark, "but thank you." Wow. That kidney-bean heart is growing by the second, y'all. Also? Loving David Anders' rather rock-n-roll hairdo he's sporting. It's all sticky-uppy and adorable. They need to give this man his own show, pronto. He's all kinds of cute.

Sark tells Sloane that he's sent a team to Mount Subasio, and Sloane says he wants to be airborne as soon as they find something. Um, didn't he just find something in the last segment? Some light or something came through the amulet, right? Why didn't he just get whatever it was and...why am I asking questions this late in the game? It's not like anyone's going to ANSWER them. Sigh. Moving on. Peyton shows up with a large silver case and Sloane asks if she made contact with their friend in Hong Kong. Peyton says she was and that "she" sends her regards. And if you didn't know right then that the "she" they're talking about is Irina, then you started drinking FAR too soon before the show started and managed to kill all your brain cells thirty seconds before this scene aired.

Sloane opens the case, and inside is a sphere surrounded by brass crisscrossing bars that have odd characters carved into them. Sloane tells Peyton to tell Irina that they have a deal and that the transports will leave as soon as they're ready. The three of them move off, with Sark making facial contortions that would suggest he's not fond of the plan they're partaking in. "Am I to understand we're still going through with this?" asks Sark. "Don't tell me you're having second thoughts," says Sloane. "Of course not," says Sark, although it's clear he kind of is. "It's's not every day one gets to be part of global genocide." The huh? They enter a hangar and feast their eyes upon two ginormous missiles. What the? Sloane is going to bomb some places? Or Irina is? What the hell is going on? The Horns of We Have No Idea Either, So Please Stop Asking Us take us out to the break.

After that spooky-ass Cingular commercial with all the haunted kids, we meet up with what remains of the Appleseed Gang as they attempt to hack into Langley's network. Jack surmises that Sloane will attempt to take control of Prophet Five's assets ASAP, so they should look for any unusual activities in any of their holdings. Jack's phone rings and it's Vaughn, telling him that they're in Siena and Sydney's okay. Jack tells Vaughn about the bomb and Getty. He tells them to stay put and he'll be in contact. Vaughn tells him that Sydney took a pretty big hit, but that she'll bounce back. Jack looks worried.

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