Authorized Personnel Only, Part II

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Double Your Premiere, Double Your Fun

New-Fangled Ovary Electric. Syd and Agent Sean are hanging out and, through Agent Sean's casual conversation, we learn that Syd's new cover job is actually the SAME cover job she had when she was at SD-6. Only this time, Agent Sean's supposed to believe that this job is for real. What, she couldn't be in PR or security or something? Plenty of people leave law enforcement jobs for cushier jobs in the private sector as security consultants. Then she could travel all over the world and…I really don't know why I'm getting bunged up about this. Agent Sean's totally gonna be recruited soon anyway, so the cover story isn't going to matter for very long. Lord.

Whatever. Syd asks if Agent Sean wants to stay for dinner, but he can't 'cuz he has to go save the world. There's a knock at the door and Agent Sean, since he's on his way out, goes to get it. It's Nadia. Agent Sean's all, hi. My name is Dorkus and I'm 38 and single. How YOU doin'? Nadia's all, oh, no. Not another one. You're cute, but I'm an Argentinean spy who may or may not be in secret cahoots with her own seriously evil father. It would never work. Move along, soldier. Agent Sean leaves and Nadia enters. Syd asks her sister what's going on. Nadia couldn't wait. She wants to talk about their mother. "Did you bring your passport?" Syd asks. Why, yes. I always bring my passport when I'm going over to my half-sister's place to chat about our mother who abandoned us!

But it would seem that Nadia DID bring her passport, as well as a set of luggage and a change of funeral clothes, because the next thing we know, the girls are in Moscow, on their way to visit their mother's grave. "Our mother was killed," says Syd in a voice-over. "I found her body in a state medical facility. I identified her, paid for her release, made arrangements with a mausoleum in Moscow three blocks from where she was born. I thought she'd want it that way." This, of course, is all a lie that Syd's invented to save Nadia from knowing that Jack was their mother's killer. Or Vaughn. Or Sloane for that matter. Yeah, it's all up in the air at this point. The girls stand in front of their mother's grave and Nadia asks Syd if she knows who killed their mother. Syd says she doesn't. "I swear to god," says Nadia, "somehow, I will find out who did this to our mother. And I will kill him. I will." Well, knowing this show, the identity of that person could change week to week, Nadia, baby, so you'd better have your wits about you.

Next week: Syd and Nadia dress up! And shoot things! And Jack has angst! Oh, it's a laugh a minute here in Alias-land!

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