Authorized Personnel Only, Part II

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Double Your Premiere, Double Your Fun

Rio. Team Apple is tucked away in what looks like the same set they've used for every safe house they've ever had on this show. Syd's getting ready to make the exchange with Rick Yune. Vaughn comes over and tells her that the plan is to make the exchange, take out any backup he might have, then grab him and get on a plane. He makes it sound so easy, doesn't he? We head over to a fountain to begin the mission. Syd and Jack are sitting next to each other on a low fence, the sword between them. "This is the best conversation we've had in weeks," quips Jack. Yeah. You offed her mom, dude. Not the best time to try out that "best conversation" joke you've been keeping in reserve.

The pay phone across the way rings, and Syd picks it up. Rick Yune's on the other end. He orders her to walk through a tunnel to the Alves building and then take an elevator to the tenth floor. No backup. No guns. Just the sword. Three minutes or the deal is off. Vaughn questions Marshall about the Alves building and Marshall tells him it's a bank, so if Vaughn wants to go in undercover, he's going to have to change out of that charming sleeveless plaid shirt and black watch cap. Syd sees a figure in the distance run away from a fence. I'm assuming that's Rick Yune. Syd walks over to Jack, picks up the sword, and says, "I'm going in. Alone." She walks off, and Jack gets on the comm. "I assume you all heard that?" Hee.

Syd makes her way through the tunnel toward the elevator. Vaughn gets on the comm and tells Syd to meet him at the elevator before she heads up. Marshall pipes up that the tunnel might cause them to lose comms for a bit and…just as he says it, the comms go out. So Syd's cut off. As she's making her way deeper into the tunnel, Dixon (or "Outrigger") informs Vaughn (or "Shotgun") that they've lost contact with Sydney (or "Phoenix"). Vaughn looks around at the elevators and suddenly asks Marshall (or "Merlin") if he's sure there's a tenth floor in the Alves building. And, yes, their code names are killing me.

Marshall quickly looks at some blueprints and goes, "Guys?" And you just know there ain't no tenth floor in that building. Especially since, right after Marshall goes, "Guys?" Sydney stops at the end of the tunnel and the Piano of Impending Torture kicks into high gear. Sydney senses that something's not right, so she drops the sword case, extracts the sword, and turns around, ready for a fight…with a samurai? Daryl Hannah? Keith Carradine? I don't know. Vaughn runs through the building toward the tunnel. Syd continues further down the tunnel toward…well, nothing, actually. Jack runs into the tunnel from the park end and sees the abandoned sword case. Back with Sydney, the fluorescents go completely out and we hear Rick Yune, in the shadows, say, "Hello, Sydney Bristow." He doesn't show himself right away, preferring to creep us out from offscreen. Syd takes a couple of steps, but Rick Yune catches her from behind and poof! She's gone. Vaughn and Jack actually meet each other in the middle of the tunnel, with no Syd anywhere in sight.

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