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Rachel went to São Paulo and all we got was this lousy episode.

Outside the Masari compound, Jack walks up to Caroline, who's now on a stretcher with her hand bandaged. He tells her she'll be in a London hospital by nightfall. She tells him to wish Sydney well for her. He tells her that the doctor can easily make her gunshot wound look like a paper cut. Actually, he just tells her that he's sorry. She takes his hand and tells him, "Don't be." Aw. You know, they never outright mention that these two may have had an affair, but you still totally know they did because of the subtle care they show for each other. Garber and Goodall rock the house.

Downstairs in the jail, Dix and Getty are facing off with Sark. "About your payment," says Dix. "You'd love to arrest me right now, wouldn't you?" snits Sark. Ungrateful bitch. Rachel just saved your life! Try to show a little gratitude! "Give us your account number," says Getty, "and we'll wire you your fee." In the background, Rachel's on the phone, ready to hand over the account number. Sark glances at her and then says, "Don't bother. This one's a freebie." He leaves, and he and Rachel share a little look as he goes. Hee. They're totally gonna do it again later in the season.

Apple Store. Syd's on the phone with Jack, asking if he needs anything. He says he's fine, just exhausted, and that she needn't bother. He says they should meet for breakfast and he'll come by and pick her up. She says that'd be great. "Dad…" she says, her voice getting emotional. "If anything had happened and I couldn't have been there --" "Sydney," says Jack. "You did exactly what I would have wanted. You and the baby are all that matters." "I love you, Dad," she says. "Sleep well." Aw! When's the last time she said that! I mean, out loud! To him! Aw. They hang up, and Dix enters. Syd walks right over to him throws herself so hard into his arms that he looks kind of stunned. But then he settles himself into the hug and smiles and…sniff. What? I'm not crying. Shut up. A beautiful piano sonata is playing over the soundtrack as they hug and we switch to Jack's apartment, where we discover that it's actually HIM that's playing the piano. There are stacks and stacks of books all over the piano and it looks like it hasn't been played in ages. But Jack's playing it now, and he looks…at peace.

Next on Alias: Syd gets kidnapped and has dreams about Vaughn. Welcome back, Mr. Vartan!

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