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Rachel went to São Paulo and all we got was this lousy episode.

The napkin obviously said something along the lines of "Get yer arse into the room with the piano, pronto," because, seconds later, Caroline enters a room where Jack is picking out notes on a Steinway. She smiles at him and says, "Do you still play?" "No," gruffs Jack. "Gave it up years ago." Caroline tells him that he shouldn't have approached her at the party, and Jack grits, "I take it Joseph still doesn't know what you do for a living?" Oh, burn. Caroline's unfazed: "How would it look for the French ambassador to have a spook for a wife? Besides, this is where I get my best intelligence." "I already talked to the minister of finance," snits Jack. "He's a dimwit." Hee! He gets all the best lines in this episode.

Caroline cuts to the chase and asks Jack what this is all about. He says that they believe that someone inside MI:6 is attempting to acquire a micropulse bomb. Caroline thinks this is outrageous; Jack agrees, and states that they've come to the conclusion that there's probably a double agent within the organization. Oh, isn't that always the way? Pesky double agents. Jack says it goes even deeper than just a double agent, and asks her if she's heard of Prophet Five.

We switch quickly to Joseph, Caroline's hubby, who's wandering around, asking people if they've seen his lovely wife. Syd quickly intercepts him before he can head into the house and asks him if he's the French ambassador and would he mind helping her with her, like, Français? Joseph's like, uh, dude? I have lunch with presidents and world leaders; I do NOT work for Berlitz. But he helps her anyway, and stand there with this stunned expression on his face as Syd blabbles at him in her fakely bad French. When she's finished, he tells her très bien and hopes this ends their little rendezvous, but Syd's just getting started. She does this little happy dance and starts to yammer more bad French as Joseph looks like someone's shoved a flaming tiki torch up his rectum.

Back with Jack and Caroline. He's explaining how Prophet Five is a far-reaching organization with connections to twelve major government agencies that they know of, and Caroline rightly assumes that following the micropulse bomb might be the key to finding out more about it. She's a bit perturbed that Jack's asking her to investigate her own agency from the inside, but Jack says that he wouldn't have come to her if this didn't involve Sydney as well. Caroline's all, Sydney? Is she okay? Jack's all, oh, she's fine. In fact, that pregnant chick who handed you the napkin outside? That's her! Caroline laughs and says that unless Sydney's wearing a very convincing disguise-- "I'm gonna be a grandfather," quips Jack. "A very YOUNG grandfather." Hee. I told you he gets all the best lines. Caroline congratulates him and tells him that Sydney's lovely, and Jack says she is and then goes on to tell Caroline about Vaughn's death. Caroline's sympathetic, but she still thinks investigating her own agency is risky. "That's treason," she says. "What's a little treason between old friends?" asks Jack.

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