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Rachel went to São Paulo and all we got was this lousy episode.

"What happened in Brazil?" asks Jack, entering the room. Hee. "Um," gulps Syd, "Rachel got food poisoning." "Sorry," says Jack. Hee hee. He goes on to tell them that Marshall decrypted the transmission and that the double agent is due to meet Basarov in Spain in 14 hours. Jack says he's leaving soon to monitor the exchange. "You taking anyone with you?" asks Syd. "My MI:6 contact will be joining me," he says. Syd tilts her head and quirks her mouth as if to say, "Oh, reaaaaallly?" Jack kind of looks at her like, huh? Seriously. He looks like he has NO idea what she's giving him that face about. "You'll coordinate from here?" he asks, ignoring her saucy glance. "Yeah," she says, totally giving him the Raised Eyebrows of Why Don't You Get You Some, Dad! "Good," clips Jack, turning on his heel. Heh.

Spain. Jack and Caroline are hanging out on a rooftop overlooking the exchange site. They start setting up the cameras and computers. Syd calls into Jack and asks how it's going and he says they're almost ready. Caroline flicks a switch and the Apple Store gets a signal and a visual of the location. Jack removes a device from a case, saying that they can tag the weapon with it. Caroline's phone rings just then and she says it's her husband. "Where does he think you are?" asks Jack. "Developing nations summit," she says, turning off her phone. Jack looks irritated by this whole exchange. He goes on to outline the rest of their plan and Caroline declares that it sounds good.

Down below, a vehicle approaches, and Caroline comments that they're ahead of schedule. A guy removes a tarp from the back of the vehicle and Marshall gets a read on the weapon as it's uncovered. It's a micropulse bomb that probably has a 20-mile blast radius. Another car shows up, and Jack says, "I thought he was showing up alone." "So did I," says Caroline. From the Apple Store, Syd recognizes someone on the screen as "Masari," and Getty pipes up that Masari is a member of the RLF, which, of course, is some random terrorist organization. Syd gets on the horn to Jack and tells him that the dudes down below aren't MI:6 agents and that the dude is Masari and this whole thing is an ambush. At that precise moment, Masari's men below start shooting everyone and Caroline goes to grab the tracker device and then the screens go to snow back at the Apple Store. That's because men with guns have come upon Caroline and Jack and have decided to take them to a little place they call Kidnap Village.

Everyone at the Apple Store scrambles to find out what happened to Jack and Caroline. Sloane enters and heads right over to Sydney and she fills him in on what went down in Spain. Sloane surmises that, because the MI:6 meet was supposed to take place at 2:38 AM and Masari showed up at 2:17 AM, the double agent never had a chance to even put his hands on the weapon. Sloane asks Sydney how they got the intel on the meet and Syd says that Rachel intercepted a transmission. "Well," says Sloane, "maybe she wasn't the only one."

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