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Dream On

After last week's harrowing rescue, Syd's catching a few z's. When she wakes up and takes a look around, it would appear that she's in what looks like a makeshift Army barracks, but it's probably just another of Spy Daddy's reserve warehouses of extra bedding and sample-sized hotel shampoos. She dons her prison garb and walks out of the barracks and across a sunlit alley into another warehouse. Damn, Spy Daddy has a lot of reserve warehouses. Someone should get in contact with him and throw a wicked rave on New Year's Eve.

When she enters the second warehouse, Sydney sees the Syd Rescue Team gathered around a table, discussing strategy. Uncle Arvin's the first to notice her. Spy Daddy sees Sloane look up and follows his gaze to Syd. He gets up and crosses to her. "Sweetheart," Spy Daddy says quietly, "you're okay." Aw. Awwww. I mean, AW. Syd just quietly smiles at him, and he brings her over to the table. Vaughn and Sloane stand, and Syd just blatantly glares at Uncle Arvin. Watch it, honey. That man just saved your life. Jack says as much. Syd's all, oh ho ho! So I suppose I owe you a thank-you, huh? Sloane's all, baby? As long as you're alive, you'll never owe me a thing. Syd deflects this rather overdone statement and just acknowledges that she was speaking to everyone else as well. "Breaking me out of that facility was dangerous and selfless," Syd says, looking around. "Thank you." She looks at Lauren in particular. "All of you." Lauren just looks down at her hands.

Vaughn pipes up that, at the moment, they're all fugitives, but that they're working on a plan to frame the Covenant for Syd's extraction. Syd's all, yeah, yeah, yeah, but have you mapped the coordinates that Head found in the Rome apartment? Jack's all, yeah, and they point to some spot near the San Andreas fault, about an hour from Incredibly Useful Warehouse #2. Jack surmises that if there's something waiting for them, it'll most likely be buried, and that he's gonna go check it out. In the meantime, Sloane's got a lead that might help them retrieve Syd's Lost Years. Syd looks over at Sloane, expecting him to be sporting red horns, a black goatee, and a spiky red tail. Instead, he just calmly informs her that he knows this guy who knows this experimental procedure that's a non-invasive therapy for treating long-term severe amnesia. Syd's all, oh ho ho! If this shit works, then why didn't you tell me before? Sloane's all, well, before now, I didn't really think you'd accept any help from me, yeah? I mean, we're not exactly on friendly terms, now are we? And I'm not close enough right now to touch you inappropriately, so I'm just gonna walk off in pursuit of that non-invasive therapy dude. Syd turns to Jack, all, I wanna go search for buried treasure. Jack's all, you should rest. Syd's all, dude? I was resting for TWO YEARS, okay? Now, let's go dig some sand!

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