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Dream On

Dream Dugout. On the table, Syd's writhing around, obviously distressed. Back in the Dream World, Syd's hair is pulled back and she's wearing a pretty sundress. She looks down at her hands and realizes that she's a little girl. Little Syd turns and sees a table and chairs in the distance, all set up for a birthday party. Little Syd walks toward it. There are several other little girls waiting for her. They all say hi and run towards her. The say in unison, "Happy Birthday, Sydney!" Syd walks through them to the table. "Hmm," says Cronenberg. "She's extrapolating." Both Vaughn and Jack look at Cronenberg. "Meaning what?" says Jack. "Uh, brain activity indicates her memory centers aren't active," says Cronenberg. "She's in a tangent." Kaya hunches over Jack and goes, "I was in a tangent once." There's a pause while Jack wonders how easy it would be to stab Kaya with a barbecue chip. "How nice for you," says Jack. Heh.

Back in Dreamland, we see a really nice cake with "Happy Birthday Sydney" written on it. "Happy Birthday, honey!" says Jack from off screen. Then the camera pans up, Victor Garber with black hair. And not just any black hair, but possibly the black hair borrowed from Devo during their "helmet hair" period. Jack instructs Syd to make a wish. Little Syd leans over to blow out the candles, and we see that the cake has "St. Aidan" written on top. She blows out the candles, and suddenly she's an adult again. The little girls around her cheer. Big Syd looks around, pleased at the cheering. She looks up at her dad and he hands her a knife, saying it's time to cut the cake. Big Syd slices into the rather delicious looking cake, right in the middle of the "St. Aidan" and blood comes gushing out. Now that is NOT a good filling for a birthday cake. Strawberries? Chocolate? Mousse? Any of those would be preferable to BLOOD. Syd looks up, looking for her father, but instead, Lazarey's there. Syd looks down and sees that her knife hasn't cut into the cake; it's cut into Lazarey's hand. Syd jumps back, gasping.

Dream Dugout. Cronenberg's trying to get Syd to listen to him. He wants her to concentrate, because it's the only way she's going to get back on track. Syd doesn't know how. "Focus on the last detail you remember," says Cronenberg, switching into Spy Daddy at the very last moment in Dream World. Syd looks past her father in Dream World and sees a white van. "There I am," she says, breathing heavily. "Excuse me, Daddy," she says, "I have to go." Hee. I loved this part, because Syd's totally in the dream world, she's wearing a summer dress, her dad has severe Grecian formula hair going on, she just cut off Lazarey's hand, and still, STILL, she has so much respect for her father that she just has to act politely when interrupting their together time. Hee. Syd runs off in pursuit of the white van. She opens up the trunk door and, not only is she dressed differently, in a white top and jeans, but inside the van is NOT a van interior; instead, it's a hallway. Syd enters and investigates.

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