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Dream On

Three men in black hoods are taking a gurney down the hallway, and they exit through a side door. Syd runs after them as screams sound through the halls. Syd stops in front of a set of doors that have "47" painted upon them. Yeah. Because that wasn't too obvious or anything. Come on. You knew it was coming. Syd's considering going through them when a door behind her shuts. She turns and goes through. She's inside a stairwell. She hears wheels screeching and looks down. Memory Syd's being taken down a hallway. As Dream Syd watches, another Dream Syd appears on the balcony beneath her. Then another Dream Syd appears on the stairwell to the right of the balconies. All the Dream Syds but one disappear and that remaining one goes after Memory Syd.

Dream Syd slams through a door and ends up in a hallway with a video screen at the end, depicting either surgery or fireworks -- you decide. Syd runs down the hallway towards Memory Syd and her cadre of black hooded men. We get a glimpse of Memory Syd, out cold on the gurney, as she's taken into the same room we saw before, when Dream Syd decided to go in the opposite direction. In case you're wondering, it's the same damn curved hall and they take the same damn turn into the right doorway. Dream Syd runs after them and stops, once again, in front of the huge "47" on the doors. From directly behind her comes a female voice hissing, "Sydney." Sydney turns and it's...Lauren.

Lauren turns and goes off. Syd follows. She enters a room filled with plastic sheeting. Like, it's nothing but plastic sheeting. And cold blue lighting. Syd has to plunge through dozens of sheets of plastic in order to follow Lauren, who's moving ahead of her at a good clip. Back in the Dream Dugout, Cronenberg's panicking. "This is...this is very unusual," he says. Vaughn's all, what? Cronenberg's all, well, she's still in beta, but she's dreaming. "That just...that just doesn't happen," he says, looking like his little cocktail of dreams is going to blow up in his face.

Aaaand we're back in Dream World and Lauren's going up an escalator. Syd follows. Lauren walks through some more plastic sheeting and seems to cross into a room with black and white chessboard flooring. Syd makes it up to her, but she's not there. From behind Syd, Lauren calls her name. Syd turns. And Lauren's right there. Up against the plastic. "You know better," Lauren says. Syd backs off. "You were part of this!" says Syd. Lauren grabs the back of Syd's neck and flings her forward into Lauren's area. Syd turns and tries attacking her. Lauren just bends back, as if expecting Syd's blow. Lauren counter-defends with a blow to Syd's face and then thrusts Syd up against a wall. Syd fights, but Lauren has her solid. Then Lauren throws Syd against an opposite wall and Reality Syd, in the Dream Dugout, acts as if Agent Smith just punched her really hard in the Matrix.

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