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Dream On

Syd's health readings go off the charts in the Dream Dugout.

Back in the Dream World, Syd falls to the ground and, before she can recover, Lauren wraps some plastic around her head and tries to kill her.

Back in the Dream Dugout, Syd's monitor is reading heart failure. Cronenberg runs toward her, yelling at someone to kill the power feed. Jack yells, "What the hell is happening?" "She's in V-Tach!" shouts Cronenberg. "Get the epinephrine, it's on the tray! Get these off her," he says to Vaughn and Jack, meaning the sensors. Vaughn grabs the syringe of epinephrine, and Jack attends to the sensors. Kaya just stands there, pretty, but useless. "She's flatlining!" shouts Cronenberg. "We need to resuscitate her now!" shouts Jack. "Get the defibrillator paddles," Cronenberg shouts at Vaughn while plunging the epinephrine directly into Sydney's chest. Ouch. Vaughn pulls over the defibrillator machine and shouts, "Two hundred joules, charging!" He pulls out the pads and hands them to Cronenberg. "Clear!" shouts Cronenberg. "We need 300!" "Sydney, wake up," says Jack. "Clear!" says Cronenberg, placing the paddles on Syd's chest, thrusting her body up into the air.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we go to commercial in the real world of Alias. Because that shit? Had me all sorts of fucked up. Not that I thought she was dead or anything because, yeah, this is Alias, where people get shot in the heart, bludgeoned in the head and run over by steamrollers and STILL return later in the season. It was just kind of weird and ooky and I really don't like the image of David Cronenberg stabbing people in the chest with a needle. I really don't need that. Really.

When we return, Syd's lying in bed, curled up beneath a white sheet. She turns, and Vaughn's there, sitting at the end of her bed. He sees her wake and comes over, sitting by her side. Syd smiles and asks him to help her sit up. He does and she easily puts her lips to his and gives him a really passionate, sexy kiss. The furrow between Vaughn's eyes goes for subcutaneous levels while he accepts this kiss and sort of gives into it. Finally, he pulls back and sort of sighs, "Syd." She smiles and says, "I can't help it, I just miss you," in this really sweet voice and with this lovely little smile. She reaches out and touches his face. Vaughn kind of breathes heavily and says, "You know...we can't do this." Syd just smiles brightly and says, "Oh, gimme a break. It's a dream. We can do whatever we want. At least, I can." Just then, the door opens and in walks Spy Daddy, probably pretty damn tired of watching his little girl git it on with Captain Forehead. I mean, wasn't the videotape bad enough? God. Jack says, "Your vitals are normal, you're going to be fine." He looks at Vaughn with a disgruntled expression and adds, "I assume he's told you." Vaughn's all, dude. I was just getting to that! But, like, she kissed me and everything and, um, I kind of forgot and then YOU walked in and caught us and, uh, GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY. Jack leaves, and Vaughn turns to Syd, who now looks extremely surprised that she just swapped spit with her ex-boyfriend for real. "God, I --" "It's okay," says Vaughn warmly. You bet your sweet ASS it's okay, Agent Amorous! There was more sensuality and emotion in that one kiss than in ANY SCENE YOU'VE EVER HAD WITH YOUR WIFE. So bring on more kissing! NOW!

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