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Dream On

"I wanna go back," says Syd. Jack's all, uh-uh. No way. No how. You're staying AWAY from the pink and green fluids, okay? Syd's all, dude? They were taking me toward a room. It was room 47. That's where I was being held. And that just HAS to be important, you know? "I have to go back and see what happened to me in there," Syd concludes. Syd's made up her mind. Jack just kind of looks down at the ground and away from her. Kaya's all, dude? You ROCK. Jack just looks back at his daughter with the most heartbreaking look of concern on his face. I mean, it's subtle and barely there, but his eyes are saying, "Please don't die on me now. Not after everything that's happened. Not now." It's beautiful.

So, Syd's prone on the Dream Dugout table again. Cronenberg's coaching her on what's going to happen once she's under. He surmises that she's going to start off in a dream cycle, and that she must try to get back to where she wants to by focusing on a detail. Syd recalls that the building where she was being held was filled with plastic sheeting. Cronenberg's all, yeah, yeah, whatever. You're looking for a portal, a way back to your memory state, back to the door you described. Kaya wishes Syd luck, and Cronenberg places the headphones on her head again.

Random Parking Garage of Clandestine Meetings with Penis Head. Sloane comes down some stairs. Penis Head's leaning against a car, waiting for him. Sloane looks surprised to see him, but walks over anyway. Sloane's all, huh. Slumming, Head? Because I assumed some lackey was gonna meet me here. Penis Head's all, you got confirmation of the Covenant's demand? Yup, says Sloane. Penis Head just looks really pissed off into some far corner of the garage. He turns back to Sloane and says something about this being an awkward conversation. Sloane's all, well, YOU'RE awkward and stupid and ugly, but I'm not. So let's just say YOU'RE awkward and I'm handsome and sexy and cool and leave it at that. Sloane asks why Penis Head's deemed this conversation "awkward." Head's all, because I'm asking you to use your contacts. Sloane's all, why come to me? Head's all, because you can give me untraceability. "I'm looking for someone trained in wet work," says Head, drawing a look of surprise from Sloane. "In particular, dead shot with a long range rifle." It would appear Penis Head is planning on making the Sydney exchange but that, during the exchange itself, he wants Syd taken out. And not to Spago for tiramisu, if you catch his drift.

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