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Right. "Countdown." When's the damn finale?

Dr. Nancy's Nest Of Neuroses. Dr. Nancy tells Syd that Jack's fought hard to keep Dixon on duty; without any evidence of drug use, she can't countermand Jack's authority. She tries to wheedle any little nugget of info out of Syd, but Syd just tells her that Dix is one of the strongest people she's ever known.

As she continues, we see one of the strongest people Syd's ever known pull his car over to the side of a bridge and get out. Syd goes on to say that, despite the agony Dix must be feeling right now, she's confident he'll pull through this. She probably wouldn't be so confident if she could see Dix right now, propped up against the edge of the bridge, arms outstretched, looking like he's about to take a header onto the road below.

Before we can see him splattered on the pavement, however, we move to the following day, and Syd's walking up to her boyfriend at Oops Center. Vaughn informs her that they've tracked the truck with the Holocaust Heart to a shipyard in Cartagena. Syd's all, did you tell Dix? Vaughn's all, yes, of course I did, but there was no answer. Happy now? Syd's not happy, however, as she's probably developing mental images of Dix sprawled out on the bathroom floor with an empty pill bottle in his hand.

Victor Garber shows up long enough to hand Syd and Vaughn their operation orders, and Not Necessary NSA Brandon tells them that by the time they reach the cargo area in Cartagena, they'll only have twenty minutes until the midnight deadline. He also tells them that, if they can't find the heart or the machine or whatever, he's been authorized to initiate secondary protocol. "Secondary protocol" in this case means rigging the entire area with enough C-4 to blow the place to kingdom come in order to destroy the Holocaust Heart and save the world.

Just then, Dix shows up. Syd has a little smile on her face in reaction to his appearance. Jack tells Syd and Vaughn to fill in Dix on the way, and then he and NNNSA Brandon walk off. Dix asks for a moment alone with Syd, and after Vaughn leaves, he thanks her for not saying anything to Dr. Nancy. Syd's all, yeah, well, you should thank me, Dr. Feelgood. Because I didn't just lie to Dr. Nancy, I lied to Vaughn as well. "I need you to look me in the eye and promise me that you can handle this," she says. "I promise," says Dix convincingly. "Okay," says Syd, appeased. "Let's go."

Fake Snowy Mountains Of Computer-Generated Goodness. Sloane slowly makes his way up a "mountain" and reaches the crest. In the distance, we see a rather stark silk-screened Buddhist temple. We quickly switch to the red-painted entrance doors as Sloane bursts through, his beard trickling melting snow all over the nice stony floors. As several meditating monks wander through the hall, Sloane tells anyone who will listen that he's there to see someone named "Conrad." The monks, wondering if this is the vision their lama told them about all those years ago, just look after him with expressions of "the HELL?" on their faces.

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