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Sniff sniff. Do you smell ass?

Prison Cell of GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Vaughn declares they're not going to make it out alive. Yeah. Because you don't have a seven-year CONTRACT or anything. Syd doesn't respond. "There's something I need you to know," breathes Vaughn. Syd stops fiddling with her handcuffs. "Vaughn," she breathes back. "In my life," he says, "there is only one person --" "Don't do this," she says. "Look at me," he pleads. They continue this way, Vaughn trying to open up his heart in this, his possibly final moment, and Syd trying to STOP him from just fucking saying, "I love you." God.

He keeps trying to speak. She keeps trying to shut him up. As with the apology thing, Syd: NEVER INTERRUPT THEM WHEN THEY'RE TRYING TO SAY "I LOVE YOU." NEVER. There's a sound in the distance. Looks like the guards are coming. Syd's distracted. Vaughn finally pulls her around and says, "Sydney." "I know, Vaughn," she says, prohibiting him from even saying the words. "I know." Then she leans forward and whispers in his ear, "We'll find each other. We always do." Yeah. I loved that line the first time around, when it was in Last Of The Mohicans. She kisses him on the cheek, and they quickly move into a very passionate and emotional kiss.

Too bad the guards show up to bring it to an end. Syd and Vaughn are escorted down a hallway, both looking miserable and downtrodden. They pass Griffin the Gimp, and Syd glares at him. Once outside, Syd and Vaughn are pushed up against the firing wall. The soldiers take aim, and Syd and Vaughn look at each other, prepared to die. The shooting starts, but it's not the soldiers doing the shooting; it's just one soldier at the end of the line. He drops everyone there except for Syd and Vaughn. He walks over and tells them he's Mr. Huan and he's there to help them. He gets them out of their shackles, and they all reenter the prison. Griffin's all, whut eez happening? Vaughn shoots some random guard at the end of the hall.

Once in Griffin's cell, Syd releases him from his shackles as he gibbers about how he hopes she didn't take his whole betrayal thing personally. Syd just tightly looks at him and then clocks him one with a hefty right hook. "Thank you," simpers Griffin. Heh. And here we have the fourth high point in this sewer-sucker of an episode. As some lovely folksy guitar plays, the kids make their way out of the prison, with Vaughn dropping a couple more guards and making a really sexy face as he does so.

Then we're at Oops Center, and the rescued Syd, Vaughn, and Griffin enter. Weiss walks up and takes Griffin off to another part of the center. Dix walks over and says something to both of them, obviously relieved that they're home safe. Marshall runs up and hugs both of them so tightly that their wounds reopen. Aw. Love Marshall! Just then, Vaughn sees Lauren. He immediately walks over and embraces his wife. Syd just watches from a distance. Um. Nice. "Love you, Syd! Oops! There's the wife! Gotta run! Hi, Honey!" Lord. Syd sees her father and leaves Marshall. She throws herself into her daddy's arms (aw!) and they embrace for a moment. "How did you find me?" she asks. "Your mother found you," says Jack. Syd just looks stunned.

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