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So, this Covenant defector, if the CIA gets him out, can likely spill a whole can o' worms on the Covenant. Dix believes the defector has top-tier access or something. Syd and Vaughn are being sent to North Korea to meet with the defector. Dix gives all the details of the meet, but since the whole meet gets screwed up in the near future due Loathsome Lauren putting a hit on her hubby and his best girl, I'll spare you the nitty-gritty here, okay? The only important detail, as far as I can tell, is that Vaughn and Syd will only have fifteen minutes from the time the meet is supposed to take place to show up. You get that? If the meet starts at 2 PM and Vaughn and Syd show up at 2:16 PM the whole deal's off. Yeah. That's one exciting and importzzzzzzz...

By the way, Loathsome Lauren is doing her damnedest to give an underlying current of evil to every facial expression. It's not really working, but I applaud her efforts. Hell, she's trying so hard to give off an "I'm with Evil" air, she's practically sweating. Once the meeting adjourns, Loathsome Lauren walks over to Syd and invites her out to dinner next Tuesday, Vaughn's hockey night. Vaughn looks decidedly uncomfortable at his wife's invitation. Syd looks surprised, but agrees to the dinner date. Lauren just smiles and says, "Great. See you next Tuesday." Heh. Yeah. I caught that. And yeah, I laughed. Probably one of the only high points in this episode, actually.

Pharaoh Taxi Cab Company -- Where We're Always Phair With Our Phares. Lauren's catching a ride in what is obviously a Covenant taxi. Her driver appears to be her handler, and he's played by Arnold Vosloo, the actor who portrayed the mummy in, uh, The Mummy. I actually like him a lot. He's big and hunky and bald and has these dreamy eyes. However, I must state for the record that, no matter how much I like him, his appearance in this episode didn't lift the black cloud of boredom hanging over my head for one single second. So, Arnold's not too pleased with the idea that the defector may compromise the Covenant. He tells Lauren that they'll send one of their own people to intercept the defector, and then he asks her what airfield Syd and Vaughn will be leaving from so that they can be eliminated before they get their hands on the informant. She kind of hesitates, and Arnold's all, dude? What's with the hesitation? Or do you WANT me to go all Egyptian on your ass? Lauren just answers that she doesn't know which airfield it is, but she can get him the location faster than Domino's can deliver a piping hot mushroom pepperoni fat-o-gram to your door.

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