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Let's Get It Awwwwn

Minutes later, in The Non-Flirting Corner, Syd fills Good Ethan in on Project Helix. Just in case we haven't been paying attention, Syd repeats the whole gene-splicing thing for our benefit. I seriously don't know how they all kept straight faces during this shit. I think they all finished shooting, shared a spliff in the bathroom, and then laughed themselves silly for about three hours. "Project Helix! Bwa ha ha!" "Gene therapy! Tee hee hee!" "Ocular flaws! Har har har! Dude. Don't bogart the bone!"

Syd goes on to tell Good Ethan that the man who stole his identity was none other than Marcovic himself. Good Ethan's all, now I know why Olivia D'Overbite didn't call for an extraction; she didn't know I was captured. "We had a hotel room in Berlin," he rasps. "She thought she was with me." Syd looks clearly uncomfortable with the realization that, if D'Overbite thought she was with Good Ethan, then it's most likely that she was WITH Bad Ethan, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Good Ethan wants to know what the next move is, and Syd tells him that they've tracked the prototype to a freight yard in Poland (the hell?) and that she's been ordered to download the schematics and destroy the fucker. "I'm coming with you," says Good Ethan with a defiant air. Syd just nods as if to say, oh hell YEAH you are!

Poland. Land Of Invasions, Sausage, And Elk. ["Isn't that Lapland?" -- Sars] Syd and Good Ethan run through some freight yard in their cool black spy outfits. She communicates to base that they're in place. There's an extended little bit of spy-foolery as Vaughn leads Syd and Good Ethan to all the guards they have to drop. I think this section of the episode was provided as a means to show us that Syd's still killing people, Good Ethan's on her side, and that dim lighting is a GOOD thing.

After they drop all the guards, Good Ethan and Syd make it to the appropriate freight car, set up a drill, bust through the door, and enter the car. All in silhouette, mind you. And you better start liking that silhouette shit, because there's LOTS of it later on.

Once inside the freight car, Syd starts to rig up some explosives; Good Ethan gets on the computer, telling base that he's into the data log. Good Ethan quickly discovers that the gene sequencer has been used twice. Of course, the computer doesn't tell him WHO the second recipient was, but because we've already seen Francinator in action, we already know. But for those of us out there who went temporarily blind every damn time "Francie" was onscreen, they show us a clip of her futzing with the TV in Syd's room and looking generally eeeevil. See? Get it? She's the DOUBLE! As if the dark eyeliner wasn't enough of a clue!

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