Double Agent

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Let's Get It Awwwwn

She pulls out her gun and points it at Good Ethan's head, instructing him to not move. He's all, what're you doing? Syd grabs his gun and is all, enough chitchat. Get your hands behind your head and drop to your knees. He obeys, and she tosses him some handcuffs. Yeah. Because he can be trusted to lock himself up. Syd informs Vaughn that Good Ethan's secure and asks how far away the other man is. Good Ethan's all, what other man? Dude! I'm Good Ethan, okay! We've been through this!

Regina: He IS Good Ethan! Let him go!
Wendy Kroy: He IS Good Ethan! Let him come over HERE!

Syd's all, yeah, whatever. Just lock yourself to the bar conveniently placed behind you and shut up. He attaches the cuffs to the bar, but won't shut up, and keeps trying to convince her that he's the real deal. She's all, then why is the other dude traveling alone? Good Ethan's all, oh, I don't know! The better to eat you with? Jesus, let's get ON with this! The other dude killed D'Overbite, and he's gonna kill you! Syd ignores him and jumps out of the car.

At the same time, Bad Ethan's making his way through the dimly lit cars. Back in the car, Good Ethan's trying to break himself free of the bar. Bad Ethan keeps moving. Syd comes up behind him and shouts, "Hold it!" She tells him to drop the gun and turn around. Back in the car, Good Ethan decides that the only way to break free of the bar is to break his own hand out of the cuffs. Ew. But -- sigh. Ethan Hawke in pain is really hot.

Back with Syd and Bad Ethan, he turns, but doesn't drop the gun. He's all, I'm Good Ethan! Really! Trust me! Syd's all, drop the gun! Drop the gun! DROP THE GUN INFINITY! Back in the car, Good Ethan cradles his busted bones and jumps out of the car. Once outside, he steps on the hand of a dead guard and grabs his gun. I'm actually kind of tweaked at this little gesture of exactitude. I mean, I've seen enough spy movies to know that this is the proper way to get the gun out of the hand of a possibly dead guy. I'm just sayin'. Good Ethan runs off in search of his doppelganger.

Then we're back with Bad Ethan and Syd and the non-gun-dropping. He seems to think that just trying to hand her the gun is a decent compromise. Of course, the non-dropping makes it much more convenient for him to toss it back into an operational position when Good Ethan makes his appearance behind Syd right that second. "Get down!" shouts Bad Ethan. Syd drops and Bad Ethan shoots at Good Ethan. More bullets are exchanged. Then both Ethans roll under some cars and out of sight.

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