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Let's Get It Awwwwn

Vaughn's all, Sydney? Honey? TALK TO ME! Syd's too busy trying to find the Ethans. And, really, if you had two Ethans at your disposal, wouldn't YOU be busy trying to find them? The two Ethans are trying to find each other as well. And we're chasing and they're chasing and Syd's chasing. They all catch up with each other between some cars, and Good Ethan orders Bad Ethan to drop it. Bad Ethan's all, he's lying! Shoot him! Good Ethan's all, no, HE'S lying! Shoot HIM. Syd just stands there, not knowing who in the hell to shoot, except maybe the writer who came up with the stupid clone plotline in the first place.

Syd steps forward and says, "Neither of you can drop your guns." And then, THEN -- she drops hers! The hell? Good Ethan agrees with me, because he's all, dude? What are you DOING? "I hope you like your face, Dr. Marcovic," she says, pulling the trigger out of her pocket. "You're gonna have it for a long time." She fires up the detonator, which emits a high-pitched whine.

Both the Ethans steal a glance at her. Bad Ethan must really hate looking like Ethan Hawke, however, because he's all, no, don't! And he turns to shoot Syd before she can destroy the clone machine. Good Ethan takes him down with a couple of shots. Then Syd presses the button anyway, and the clone machine goes up in flames. She looks over at Dead Bad Ethan, and we see him lying on the ground. I have to admit, I half expected him to return back to his Marcovic face, kind of like he was a werewolf or something.

Wendy Kroy: I totally thought that too!
Regina: I know! We've totally watched An American Werewolf in London waaaaay too many times.
Wendy Kroy: Oh, I know. But I can never get too much of blood and guts and gore and the appropriate usage of "Bad Moon Rising" or "Moondance."
Regina: Sigh. Me either. God. We are SO Will and Grace.
Wendy Kroy: Oh, sweetie. That is so cute that you think that. Except we're so NOT Will and Grace.
Regina: We're not?
Wendy Kroy: No, baby. We're Jack and Karen, and you know it.
Regina: Yeah. Yeah, I do. Hi, poodle.
Wendy Kroy: Hi, muffin. Who's your daddy?
Regina: You are.
Wendy Kroy: Let's touch bellies.
Regina: Mmm-kay.

Good Ethan walks over and looks down at Dead Bad Ethan. Syd joins him and gently pushes his hand with the gun down so that he's not aiming it at Dead Bad Ethan anymore. Good Ethan just walks away as Syd continues to look down at the body.

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