Double Agent

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Let's Get It Awwwwn

He leans down to kiss her, and even in that short moment, I'm struck by the thought that Ethan Hawke looks like one delicious kisser. He's all pouty and plush and mmmm...

Wendy Kroy: Dude? Are gonna do this all throughout the episode?
Regina: I have considered it, yes.
Wendy Kroy: Well, bring it down a notch. If you're like this in the first five minutes, I can't even IMAGINE what you're going to be like during the Spy Sex.
Regina: Mmmmm...Spy Sex...
Wendy Kroy: Oh, dear lord.

As Ethan gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom, Olivia gets this sort of "oh, dude, this guy is SO an evil clone" expression on her face. He stops before leaving the room and looks at her, the better to show off his wicked bod and his uncanny resemblance to one Bucky the Snowman. Ew. Don't make me hate the Ethan. I love the Ethan. Please make it stop.

Ethan informs Olivia that he's just going to take a shower, and leaves. Instead of chasing after him with her digital camera, however, as I would have most certainly done, Olivia just sort of overbites at the ceiling and then launches herself out of bed when she hears the shower going. She nudely slinks over to her laptop and starts click-clacking away. Then she throws on a robe and types, "ABORT OPERATION: CONFIRMATION" into the body of an email. We get a quick, sinister shot of a black and red tiled bathroom where the shower appears to be empty.

Wendy Kroy: Okay, that bathroom is killer.
Regina: I know. What is that? The Hotel Monaco or something?
Wendy Kroy: Oh, please, girl. The Hotel Monaco isn't THAT sexy.
Regina: How do you know?
Wendy Kroy: I just do.
Regina: Oh, that's right. That time you stalked Justin Timberlake in New York and wound up locked in the wardrobe at the Hotel Monaco for, like, eight hours?
Wendy Kroy: Best eight hours of my life.

Back with Olivia D'Overbite, we see her type, "LENNOX IS A" and then she hears a door squeak behind her. Now, instead of sending the email first, she picks up a gun and goes to look for Ethan. The hell? Send the email. You had two more words to go: "EVIL CLONE." How hard is that to type? Get it in there, hit send, and then go chasing after Mr. Thurman with your gun at the ready. God. I should give lessons in spying. What with Syd being unable to keep her damn mouth shut and Olivia D'Overbite traipsing off to bathrooms unknown without sending valuable communiqués, I'm thinking there's a market out there for an instructor who teaches spies NOT to suck.

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