Double Agent

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Let's Get It Awwwwn

They kiss again as he pulls off her tank top and puts his hand in her hair. He pushes her back down on the bed, and we see the reflection of them gettin' it awwwwn in her TV screen. Before we're treated to the view of a pantsless Vaughn, we zero in on that spot where Francinator was fucking around earlier in the show. Could there be a CAMERA in there? Sure enough, we switch to a view of Syd and Vaughn gettin' it awwwwn on a black-and-white monitor. And who should be watching the Spy Sex but Francinator herself. Ew. And more ew. And just for good measure, EW!

Wendy Kroy: Okay, of all the evil things in the world she could choose to do her first time out as Francinator and she chooses WATCHING SPY SEX?
Regina: You mean, other than shooting the real Francie in the head at point-blank range?
Wendy Kroy: Oh, that. Right. Forgot about that.
Regina: Yeah, dude. She's already been evil. This is just an example of her being evil and sick.
Wendy Kroy: Sick is right. Sitting there. Watching the Spy Sex.
Regina: Honey?
Wendy Kroy: What?.
Regina: We're watching Spy Sex.
Wendy Kroy: But we're not evil, are we?
Regina: Depends on who you ask.
Wendy Kroy: You're going to play it back, right?
Regina: You have to ask?
Wendy Kroy: Yeah. We're all sorts of evil.
Regina: Pretty much.

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