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Let's Get It Awwwwn

Some greasy little mole is watching Syd from somewhere else around the pool. We flashback to Vaughn informing his sex-kitten girlfriend that the guy's name is Jezek and he's the scientist dude's chief of security or whatever. Yawn. Syd's all, why don't we just go after Scientist Dude? Vaughn's all, no no no! Do you even KNOW how to do this job? That would be too easy, and the show would end right here! Besides, we lost track of him or something like four weeks ago. So, like, whatever. We're going after Jezek.

Back at the pool, Syd Shoots Jezek a smile and then walks off, wrapping a scarf around her hips. Jezek sleazily follows as Syd goes to enter a cabana, removing her bikini top before she even gets there. Jezek continues to follow, hitching up his probably tented pants in a manner that suggests that he likes doing it doggie-style and Syd's going to be his bitch. Yeah. I know. Ew.

Jezek enters the cabana, turns, and Vaughn goes, "Hi!" in this totally cheerful and bouncy voice. Yeah. That really cracked me up. Hee. Before Jezek can grab for his gun, Syd flies out from nowhere and puts him in a chokehold. Vaughn steps up to make himself useful for something other than standing in the corner looking super-smokin' in a lightweight summer suit and cerulean blue oxford, and jams a needle into Jezek's neck. "I've injected you with a cardio toxin," says Sergeant Sexy. "You'll have a heart attack within the hour unless you do exactly as we say. Then you get the antidote. Are we clear?"

Apparently, Jezek's clear, because he kind of whimpers and stops struggling so much. Syd asks if Ethan Hawke (a.k.a. "Lennox") is still alive, and if so, where is he? Jezek's all, yeah, he's alive. And he's on the sublevel, Room 47. Wait. Did he just say "forty-seven"? I'm not sure. Because, like, if he did, that would be TOTALLY significant.

After forcing Jezek to escort her and Vaughn down to where Ethan is, we're in an elevator and Syd's commanding Jezek to smile. She's also wearing a hideous blonde wig that was last seen on Anne Carlisle's head in Liquid Sky. The three musketeers breeze past the security guard, and Jezek key-cards them through some door. Syd drops them off someplace on her way to Room 47 (did someone say "forty-seven"?), after telling Vaughn that she'll meet him at the exit point.

Liquid Syd spy-stalks down a hallway, grabs a white lab coat off a peg on the wall, and opens door forty-seven (what was that?). We get a little flashback of Vaughn warning Syd that the Ethan she finds may have undergone psychological reconditioning and that she could be walking into a trap. Back with Liquid Syd, she quietly makes her way into some room where Good Ethan's strapped to a chair with two huge needles borrowed from A Clockwork Orange pointed directly into his eyes. Ew. Oh, and EW.

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