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Ding Dong, Mrs. Dixon's Dead

Yeah. I know. Leave logic at the door. More liquid acid for the recapper, please!

Mama Hari Lite's Den Of Delights. Slater limps in, and he and Spy Wife embrace and kiss and they are SO totally in love with each other. Christian Slater still does it for me. I have no idea why. But even the quick kiss he gives Middendorf is hot. Syd watches their reunion and exits to Oops Center.

Spy Daddy approaches her, and Syd blathers at him about leaving Vaughn out of whatever punishment he might have planned for her. Jack surprises Sydney, and us, by announcing that Vaughn will be escorting La Familia Slater to Bainbridge Island, where Spy Wife will be granted defector status. "She is not Irina Derevko," Jack concludes. Syd says something about how they downloaded the DNA database that Slater was decoding and now, finally, they have a lead on Sloane and Derevko. Jack sort of smiles and says, "Good." She smiles back at him, and Jack goes, "Sydney, if you go around me again, I'll have you transferred. And finding them will no longer be a part of your job description." Hee! I love it when Jack wrongly uses his powers to get all Big Bad Daddy on his little girl.

Restaurant Of Soon-To-Be-Dead Diane Dixon. I'm sorry, but it's true. Vaughn and Syd and the Dixons are out on a double date. Mrs. Dix apologizes to Syd for pretty much being a bitch to her not too long ago. Basically, she's just killing time until, well, the killing time. Mrs. Dix goes on to say that she accepts what her husband does for a living, and Dixon announces that he rescinded the transfer order. He's sticking with the field work. He and his nearly dead wife hold hands.

Oops Center. Marshall skitters up to Jack and blabbles, "Hi, listen, I was doing some spelunking on the CIA network, mapping it, really, just for kicks, and well, you can relax because the Death Star plans are not in the main computer!" Heh. I love Marshall. Jack just shoots him a look like, "What in the FUCK are you on about?" Marshall blabbles some more about computers and viruses and don't get me STARTED on fucking viruses and Jack finally snaps, "Marshall! Please. English." Marshall finally just says that he found a massive information hemorrhage (ew!) and that someone without authorization accessed the system and downloaded footage from Tuscany. Jack's all, we're on a secure system, dude. How'd they hack in? Marshall's all, well, see, that's the thing. They didn't hack in. It came from inside this office! Oh, great. Now Will's gonna be on Jack's shit list ONCE AGAIN.

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