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Ding Dong, Mrs. Dixon's Dead

Back at The Restaurant Of Soon-To-Be-Dead Diane Dixon, the kids are milling around outside, waiting for the valets to bring their cars around. Dix is amazed that the CIA has season tickets to the Lakers. An SUV pulls up, and Mrs. Dix tells Dix that she'll see him later, after she's gotten the kids. From where? The Nightcare Nanny? There's NO reason for Mrs. Dix to be in another car. I mean, no reason other than allowing HER to be blown to bits and NOT Dixon.

So, she gets in the car and pulls out. Dixon starts to get into his car, but gets right back out again to say something to Syd and Vaughn. Before he can get more than one word out, however, Mrs. Dix's SUV gets blown sky-high. From near the accident scene, we see Francinator, in her own SUV, closing up her hand little detonator, smiling her evil little smile as she hears Dixon scream, "Diane! DIANE! NOOOO!" Francinator drives off in pursuit of even more evil activities with which to occupy herself..

Next time on Alias: Yet another repeat. Seriously. Dudes. I feel so sorry for anyone who covers shows on HBO. Like, their shit is NEVER preempted or replaced with repeats just because. I'm truly digging the one week on, one week off schedule here. Truly. That being said, CAN WE GET TWO NEW EPISODES IN A ROW ALREADY? Gah.

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