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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

Vaughn just tells Weiss that Lauren's in D.C. at a debrief. Plus, she's spending time with her family. Oh, Vaughn. Don't be silly. Evil Bitches don't have families! They spring fully formed from the brow of Satan! And they're schooled at the M.A.C. Counter of Malicious Make-Upping! Weiss is all, how's the Senator, then? Only he says it in a snarky tone. Vaughn's all, hey! I like the Senator! "And how's your marriage doing?" quips Weiss, just as Syd inopportunely walks up. Oops. Syd kind of does this "Oh! I shouldn't have…um…I'm just gonna turn around, but I can't really because you already know I'm here, so…uh…yeah…whassup, fellas?!" dance that is bloody hilarious. Weiss and Vaughn just look up, and the "D'oh!" is immediately readable on both their faces. Heh. Vaughn's all, how was Griffin (sorry you heard that, did you hear that, oh, shit, you totally heard that)? Syd's all, helpful (I totally heard it and now I wish I didn't because I kind of want to ask you that myself and then totally make out with you) and we should go tell Dixon (and maybe if we move fast enough, the "how's your marriage" question will just evaporate into the air like a sneeze…) right this very second. She walks off, and Vaughn shoots Weiss a look. "What, I can't ask my buddy if --" "My marriage is fantastic," snaps Vaughn, getting up to follow Syd. "Yeah, I can tell," snits Weiss, looking at his monitor. Heh. Weiss is my own inner monologue.

Belfast. Again. Some more. We can tell we're in Belfast, not only because of the placard, but also because of the Irish music playing in the background. Because, and I don't know if you were aware of this, Irish music is all that plays in every pub, in every town, everywhere in Ireland. Oh, except for when they're playing Cher. And Charlie Parker. And Chet Atkins. And Chumbuwumba. And Coldplay. And every other kind of fucking music on the planet. All I'm saying is, I've been to Ireland several times, and finding a pub with traditional Irish music going 24/7 is much harder than you'd think. So, anyway, we're in a crowded pub where people are drinking (mmmm…Guinness) and smoking (mmmm…Guinness) and generally enjoying themselves (mmmm…Guinness). Danny Boy's sitting at a table by himself, drinking a pint. Mmmm…Guinness and Ricky Gervais? My night is complete. He looks around warily.

Just then, Weiss walks up with a pint of his own and sits across from Danny Boy. (By the way, it's totally a credit to Ricky Gervais that I keep referring to him as his character and not as "Ricky" -- if you go back and read the rest of the recaps, you'll see what I mean. He's very good, people. Very good.) Weiss is all, how ya doin'? Danny Boy's all, uh, and you are? Weiss pulls out his badge and informs Danny Boy that he's under arrest for transporting illegal explosives with intent to kill. Danny Boy glances at Weiss's photo. "You've put on weight." "Heh heh," snits Weiss. "So have you." Danny just kind of looks around, and Weiss tells him that his friends from the Covenant aren't here yet. An armed Garda approaches and accompanies Danny Boy and Weiss out the back door.

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