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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

Once outside, Danny Boy starts protesting that he's done nothing wrong. Weiss is all, oh, tell it to the families of your victims, you pisher. Before they can load Danny into the van, however, a car arrives, and a bunch of people in black masks start shooting the shit outta Weiss and the Garda. Weiss pulls Danny out of the way. More shooting, from above and behind and, well, all over. Weiss gets on the horn and calls that he has officers down and they need help. Then he goes to take a shot at one of the roof shooters and BAM! he gets shot in the neck and goes down. Danny just watches him in horror. He looks absolutely terrified. What I love about Ricky Gervais in this scene is that he looks utterly pathetic. And Gervais totally has the ability to do that and still make you feel compassionate toward him. You know, even though his character is a murdering bastard.

Right, so, enough of the Ricky Gervais fan club. He's staring at Weiss, totally shocked. Weiss is groaning and writhing. One of the black masks runs over, points a gun, and shoots Weiss in the chest. He dies instantly. Oh, except for that he totally doesn't. CALM DOWN. Danny Boy looks up, and Black Mask removes the mask, revealing Syd in…what appears to be Evilauren's wig from last week. Huh. That's just…is that significant? Even though they're working on opposite sides, are they using the same covert ops costuming department? Oh, whatever. It's Syd under the mask, and she breathlessly tells Danny Boy that they need to hurry and that Androjnev sent her. She grabs Danny Boy and starts to move him off.

Danny's all, hey, now, this is not what we agreed! Syd's all, uh, yeah, but that was before your stupidity led the CIA to this meeting. Danny's still not buying it. Syd tries to convince him by saying that every cop in the city's going to be on them in five minutes. "You may not know me," she says, working the nose ring, "but I did you a favor." Just then, Danny's hit in the neck with a dart. He goes down. Syd checks his pulse. "We're good!" she shouts. The person who shot Danny in the neck pulls off his mask, and it's Vaughn. Nice shootin', Tex! "Boy Scout to Base Camp," he says into his com, "we've got the package!" Heh. I could say something naughty here, but I won't. As Vaughn walks off, the Garda all start getting up, as does Weiss, who was just pretendin' an' shit. "That was good, right?" he asks Syd as he walks past her. "That's called method acting. I was shot in the neck once, I can do it again." "We gotta move," says Syd, as the men load Danny onto the van.

And dance, everybody! Dance!

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