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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

Previously on Alias: Rachel dressed up like a ho. And I think she kind of liked it. Also? Gordo was a dick. so don't feel sorry for him later. Just…don't.

We begin this episode dropped right smack down into the middle of an assignment in Rome. Syd's sporting a silly blonde wig and throwing her belly out proudly as she walks along with a handsome Italian man, a chancellor. Through the subtitles, we learn that Syd's pretending to be some wealthy woman who's donating money for a wing to the place, and that they're in a university of some sort. While Syd's getting the royal tour, Élodie breaks in through some other door and tells Syd over comms that she's at the archive. Élodie's new short haircut isn't doing her any favors, by the way. I much prefer it all choppy and waiflike the way it was in The Dreamlife of Angels. But…that's not really important right now, is it?

Élodie tells Syd that it's her turn now; as the Italian chancellor uses his key card to get into some private wing, Syd fakes a faint, steals his wallet of keys, and he helps her to a chair and runs off to get her some water. While he's gone, she pulls out her handy Acme Electronic Key-Copying Putty and puts one of the chancellor's keys inside. How she knows which key is the right one, I have no idea. She runs the machine (which is alarmingly similar to a key-copying putty that I think the Angels used in Charlie's Angels Part the First) and tells Élodie to put a key template in her end of the machine and whammo, Élodie has an exact duplicate of the key in her hand. That is Alias WTF Technology at its best, people. With her newly minted key in hand, Élodie enters the archive. She looks around and tells Syd that she needs the lot number.

We smash cut back to the past, where Syd is asking what they're looking for and Élodie is telling her all she knows is that whatever it is, it's intended for Gordo. It'll be sent from Milan to the University of Rome and it will be sent under an alias: Marcello Demasi. Back in the present, Syd finds the manifest list and tells Élodie to hang on while she finds the name and the lot number. "Here it is," she says, over comms, "Marcello Dima--" "Sydney?" a male voice says. Syd looks up, and it's her professor from her grad school days. She looks totally flummoxed. As should he, considering that for all intents and purposes, Sydney was burned to death in her apartment a few years ago. But maybe that wasn't really made public. I…don't really know.

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