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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

Grateful Dead Torture Room. Gordo's going through the worst acid trip known to man. "Well, his brain waves are all over the place," says Marshall. "Which might explain why his heart rate's off the charts. Maybe Twisted Sister was the wrong way to go." Sweetie, when has Twisted Sister ever been the RIGHT way to go? Jack orders Marshall to cut the music, and Marshall complies. He turns around and tells Jack that he may have messed up the drug mix, because whatever Gordo is hallucinating, it's scaring him to death. Jack says that they need to stabilize his vitals, but Marshall says they can't drug him anymore. "What do we need to do?" asks Syd. Well, Syd, I'm no expert, but I think poor Gordo needs an acid guide. Someone to walk him through his trip and make him feel safe. Someone to explain to him that people don't have flowerpots for heads and that music doesn't really have colors. I'm just guessing here. Marshall seems to agree with me, because he suggests that they need to make Gordo feel safe in his trip. "Maybe…someone to comfort him," suggests Marshall. Jack looks at Syd and Syd looks back at Jack like, homie? Gordo killed Vaughn. How can I possibly be comforti-- oh, fine. I'll do it. God.

Gordo is in the deep throes of an acid trip when he jerks around and sees Syd, sitting next to his chair. He totally freaks out. "Shhhh," says Syd. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I know you're scared. Just relax." "They want me dead," spits Gordo. "They'll kill me." Syd assures him that she won't let that happen. "I'm taking care of you now," she says. That is exactly what my first acid coach, Chez, told me. She also fed me Teddy Grahams. Yum. …Oh. Am I sharing too much? ["Drugs are bad, kids. Bad!" -- Sars] Syd's coaching seems to be working on Gordo, because his heart rate is coming down, according to Marshall.

Syd says that she's going to ask Gordo some questions and when he answers, no one is going to hurt him. No one. "They want my eyes," is all he responds. "Don't let them take my eyes." Gordo starts to cry, and oddly, I feel for him. I've hated him from the moment I saw him, but I always knew he was sort of a foot soldier and in this instance, when he's so vulnerable, I realized just how expendable he truly is. And that? Is kind of sad. Syd assures him that nothing will happen to him as long as she's there. And then she asks him about the access card. "It was designed to patch into a specific network," she says. "Tell me which one." Gordo hesitates. "Which network does the card access?" she asks again. "I can help you," says Gordo. "When you see the watchman, you'll need me. I can help you."

"Listen to me," says Syd. "You need to focus. How do I get into your organization's network?" Suddenly, Gordo isn't having any of it. "Get away from me!" he shouts. Syd tries to shush him. "It's your fault!" he says. "I needed to find the secret! I needed protection!" "I'm protecting you now!" says Syd. "Tell me the secret! I'll keep it safe." "The watchman is on the roof," says Gordo. "You…need to go…to the roof." Syd asks which roof. Gordo tells her "Glenheim." In the observation room, Marshall brings up a Glenheim Towers in Seattle, Washington on his computer screen. Jack orders him to find the building's schematics, and he does; there's a satellite on the roof. Jack turns to Rachel and says they need a plane fueled and ready to fly to Seattle within the hour. Rachel bolts. Jack gets a phone call. All he says in response is, "When?"

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