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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

Back with Gordo and Syd, Gordo's crying. "I shouldn't have done it," he sobs. "I didn't mean to. They insisted." "You didn't want to do what?" asks Syd. "They insisted [I] kill Michael Vaughn." Syd looks at him with steel in her eyes. "I can help you defeat them," says Gordo, "but you have to hurry. They have plans…for you." "What plans?" asks Syd. Just then, Jack enters and tells Syd that she needs to go, that he'll take over from here. Syd, knowing she's close to a breakthrough with Gordo, is like, uh, dude? I'm kinda in the middle of something here. "It's Nadia," Jack says.

Hospital Room of Red-Eyed Menaces. Sloane is sitting next to Nadia, stroking her head. Ew. "You've never looked more beautiful, Nadia," he says. EW. "Sevogda?" she whispers. "What happened?" Sloane tells her that he'll tell her about it in time, that she should just rest now. Suddenly, Nadia looks restless and asks where the doctor is. Her body starts jerking around and her eyes open up and they're red, just like they were before. Sloane calls for the doctor and he arrives as Nadia gets totally out of control. Sloane backs off as the doctor fills his daughter with more coma-inducing drugs. Just then, Syd arrives. She looks through the window at Sloane and Nadia. Sloane gets a look on his face like, "Okay, fine. I'll kill the bastard. Just save my baby." Syd gets a look on her face like, "Can I just go lie down already? I'm carrying around a ten-pound baby here!"

After Nadia's put down for the night (forever), the doctor meets with both Syd and Sloane and tells them that her coming out of her coma was a fluke and that it's not likely to ever happen again. The doctor leaves. "You've done everything you can for her," says Syd. "Beyond that, it's out of your control." Is it, Syd? IS IT? Sloane graciously thanks her, and she leaves. And Sloane knows immediately what he has to do.

Seattle. I love that Seattle is one of the "exotic" locations this show has chosen to go to. Killer. We get an aerial shot of nighttime Seattle and then a 'copter hovering over a building. Can you see Dr. McDreamy anywhere? No? Dammit. Anyway, a couple of spy-garbed dudes fling down from the 'copter and land on the top of the building. Oh! It's Dix and Getty! Heh. Thank God Dix is getting more to do than disapprove of shit and frown at people. Dix reports in and Marshall receives him. Syd enters the ops room, and Jack says that he heard about Nadia and asks how Sloane is. "Not well," is all Syd will say. No shit.

Getty and Dix make their way down inside the building. Back at the Apple Store, Jack says that they figured out what Dean was talking about; the network his organization is using is mobile. "Meaning?" asks Syd. "Their communications are piggy-backed through a series of telecom satellites," says Rachel. "The Glenheim people don't know they're being used, which is exactly the point. They wouldn't know the network was there unless they were looking for it." Jack pipes up that the network is rerouted every few days; if the Apple Store loses them now, they won't find them again. They have twelve minutes to locate the network. Marshall checks in with Getty. Getty tells him that they're at the dish and Dix is cutting through the panel now. Marshall tells them to contact him as soon as they open up the panel so he can know what they're looking at.

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