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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

Back in Geek Central, Marshall's narrowed the network down to twelve isolated nodes. He thinks that he can trace their point of origin. "Twelve," says Rachel. "Yeah," says Marshall. "If there was never a one there was ever the twelve," says Rachel. She looks at Syd. "In the Caymans, that was one of Dean's account protocols." They don't have time to discuss this, unfortunately, because Marshall's been locked out. He tries to bypass the encryption. "Oh, no," he gasps. "What is it?" asks Jack. "Grade three: Watchman Encryption," says Marshall. "There's no way around this in six minutes." Rachel rightly surmises that they need a code, and Syd pipes up that Gordo mentioned something about a "watchman" and that he could help her. "He has the access code," says Syd. Jack tells her to go get Dean.

Back with Dean, Sloane is grabbing the back of Gordo's head as Gordo tells him that he doesn't have to do this. Oh, but he does, Gordo. Sloane shoves a pill into Dean's mouth and says, "God forgive me." Yeah, I think God's already washed Her hands of you, Arvin. But nice try. Syd, meanwhile, is waddling toward Gordo's LSD pad. Sloane holds Gordo's mouth shut, making sure he swallows the poison. Sloane backs off as Gordo shouts, "Help! Somebody please!" "These walls are soundproof. There's no point in shouting," silks Sloane. And then he pulls out a very small knife. I was confused about why he would do this, but then the forums let me know that when someone chews a cyanide tablet, they often get it out of their own cheek, thereby leaving a hole, so Sloane had to cut a hole in Gordo's cheek, I guess. I don't know WHY the forums would know this, but I can guarantee you that I'm going to be much nicer to them in the future. Syd finally makes it to Gordo's torture chamber and of course he's dead.

Later that day, Jack pours a glass of water and tells Sydney that, according to medical services, Dean took his own life. "Apparently with a cyanide tablet that he had subdermally planted inside his cheek." He hands her the water. Syd doesn't understand it. This morning, he wanted immunity. Jack thinks that Dean wanted power and that, once the drug wore off, he must've realized that he was facing a life sentence. "Death was easier to accept," says Jack. "Marshall counted twelve sources that make up Prophet Five," says Syd. "Twelve, Dad. It's like the Alliance all over again." No shit. Way to revisit the well, writers.

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