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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

At any rate, Professor Choi and Syd share some small talk about what they're both doing in Rome, and Syd manages to communicate the lot number to Élodie by hitting her comm button and telling the professor that she's visited "12 countries in 22 months." It's a nice save, actually. Élodie tells Syd that she gets what she's saying about the lot number and to get the hell outta there. Syd just stands there, looking nervous, not really sure how to blow off the nice professor-man before the nice chancellor-man shows up with her glass of water. Unfortunately, Professor Choi is on his lunch break and has alllll the time in the world to chat with her. Damn.

Meanwhile, down in the archives, Élodie comes upon Lot 1222 and goes to open it, but she hears the door opening and has to run and hide. Back with Syd and Nosy Choi, he asks if she's married, she says they're newlyweds, he comments that they must've been eager to start a family and KEEP YOUR NOSE IN YOUR BUSINESS, NOSY CHOI. Seriously. And if Syd's so worried about the chancellor coming back, as she obviously is, why not just grab Choi's arm and drag him off to a café for a nice espresso? Oh, because if she did that, we wouldn't have to endure Choi's nosy questions about Syd's dead fiancé, I guess. Whatever. Back with Élodie, the intruder informs someone that he's found the package and is retrieving what's inside. Élodie comes out of hiding and points her gun at him. "I'll take that," she says. "That" is a small statue. The intruder tosses it at her and she grabs it and he takes that moment to get his own gun and shoot at her and then they fight. It's actually a nice fight, and for the most part, it looks like Élodie does quite a bit of high-kicking on her own, which is enjoyable. The statue drops and shatters, there's a card inside, Élodie grabs it and manages to kick the intruder to the ground. Excellent.

Élodie tells Syd that she has the card and is proceeding to the extraction point. Choi asks if Syd's husband is here and she says he's at the hotel; she sees the chancellor coming down the hallway, so she knows she has to get out of there. Duh. She winds up asking for Choi's card, and while he's looking for it, she just…disappears. Yes, because pregnant women move really, really fast and can vanish in the blink of an eye. The chancellor arrives at that very moment and he and Choi share a hilarious "where the hell did she go?" look between them. Heh. Syd meets up with Élodie outside the university, and Élodie asks who Choi was. "No one," says Syd. "He was…just someone from another life." Aw.

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