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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

"Ironically," Sloane says, "Dean's arrangement puts me in a unique position. The last thing he expects of me is to double-cross him." "You'll help us arrest him?" asks Syd. "Yes," says Sloane. "He's tasked me with recovering something you took from him -- an access card. I can use that as bait." "Understand something," she grits, "if this is a set-up --" "It's not, Sydney, I assure you. Once we have Dean in custody, he will be forced to expose his organization, and you will have all the answers you're looking for." Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Syd and Jack seem to think so too, because after a few seconds of glowering at each other, Jack asks if Sloane has a way to contact Gordo.

We switch to Sloane, making a phone call to Gordo, in front of Jack. Sloane tells Gordo he has what he wants and then asks where they can meet. Gordo tells him to get a pen. Later, in the Conference Room of Endless Expositions, Dix tells the Appleseed Gang that the meet location is a racetrack and that Gordo seems to be taking precautions, even if he does trust Sloane. He's picked a meet location that has plenty of exits and lots of crowd coverage, both convenient for a quick getaway. Syd says they'll have to nab Gordo before he can escape. Rachel says that'll be impossible because Gordo always travels with a security team of two men who are heavily armed and nearly invisible. One will shadow Gordo, the other will shadow Sloane.

"I'm sorry," says Marshall, "but is anyone else having déjà vu here? I mean, first Sloane was good and then he's bad and then he's good again?" Hee. "Although," he sputters, "in all fairness, I guess he was bad at first, I just didn't --" "WE HAVE A SIGNIFICANT TACTICAL DISADVANTAGE," Jack snaps. Heh. "Dean knows what we look like," he continues. "He knows what every one of us looks like." "Not everyone," says Getty. "He's never seen me. But I look forward to making his acquaintance." Heh. I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again: he is Young Jack. Jack tells Getty to take lead on this assignment and Rachel, Syd, and Dix will provide support in the field. "I want a draft of the plan on my desk within the hour," he says. "Wheels up at 1500. We may never have another chance likes this," he grits. "Let's make it count." And let's be safe out there, people! I seriously think Victor Garber laughs his ass off after every damn time he has to be all cops 'n' robbers in scenes like this. Mostly because he's totally not that kind of guy, but also because: "let's make it count"? Tee hee hee.

And I must admit that at this moment, I just had to stop the TiVo and break out the Alias Season 2 extended bloopers, because there's nothing that makes me laugh harder than watching Victor Garber snort-giggle his way through a scene. Heh.

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