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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

Dubai. Racetrack of Fake Meetings. In the Appleseed Gang's truck, Syd's filling Sloane in on where he's sitting and how he won't have a transmitter on him because Gordo's security team might detect it. Syd will be tracking him remotely. She hands him the access card and Sloane assumes that it's a fake. It isn't. Syd states that Gordo may try to verify it with a reader, so they have to give him the real thing. "We'll move in as soon as we get rid of his men," says Syd, "but until then, you'll have to stall." Rachel enters and says that she's hacked into the closed circuit feeds and that they're ready to go. "You're up," Syd tersely twits at Sloane. Sloane could leave now, and really SHOULD, but he doesn't, choosing instead to stay behind and deliver the following speech: "Look, Sydney. I may have missed the opportunity to save my own child. I only hope that by taking out Dean, I may have helped to save yours." And then he openly STARES at her belly, and…I get what he's saying here, but how can he gross me out when he's trying to be totally sincere? Ew. He wishes her luck and finally, thankfully, leaves.

Rachel sits in his seat and tells Syd that Dix and Tom are in place and that there's no sign of Gordo yet. Syd rightly asserts that Gordo won't reveal himself until Sloane is in place. We get a shot of horses running around the track and then…Syd, dressed in some bizarre version of an Ascot hat and a head-to-toe blue silk outfit, comes careening around the corner, yammering in a Southern-fried accent, "Watch it! Mama comin' through! Don't jostle the package!" HA! I love it when Garner reverts to her 'ginia accent. She's obviously playing a demented version of a Southern belle here, and it's hilarious. We get a shot of Getty in one of the track bars, drinking liquor directly out of a flask. When I first saw this, I thought he was gaining a little Irish courage, but when the rest of the scene came into play, I realized this was just a preparatory action for what's to come.

Back with Mama Syd, she's making her way into her box seat, throwing a "how y'all doin'?" here and a "you gonna help me pick a winner, skinny?" there. She actually touches a couple of the locals on the shoulder, and I'm not sure that's really allowed in Dubai, is it? They don't seem to mind, however. That Southern charm. It'll get you through anything. Syd takes her seat and puts her purse on the table and a little laser microphone shoots out of the base. Sloane makes his way to his seat and Marshall, back at the Apple Store with Jack, tells Syd that the microphone is picking up perfectly. Syd watches Sloane through her binoculars.

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