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Sloane apparently likes the triple cross.

We switch back to Getty, still in the bar. "Hey, Base," he says, his tie and collar askew. "Got a visual?" "Affirmative, Sidewinder," says Marshall. "Good," says Getty, "because I was wondering -- whaddya think of this suit? Pretty sweet, huh?" Heh. "Yeah," says Marshall. "It's a nice suit on you. Blue's…blue's a good color." Wow. Marshall has good eyesight. You know, considering that the feed is in black and white. Marshall turns to Jack to share in the humor of the situation and realizes that Jack is wearing a blue suit as well, so he says, "And for you as well, Director Bristow." "Thanks," says Jack dryly. HEE. I laugh out loud at this moment every damn time. Jack asks Rachel to get them a closer look at Sloane. She does so. "How's that?" she rather cockily asks. "Fine," says Jack, unimpressed. Elsewhere in the park, Dix, wearing traditional sheik garb, gets a bead on Gordo. As Gordo passes, he follows, and tells ops and Getty that they're headed his way. "Ten four," says Getty. "Let's do this." Damn. That's kind of sexy. Gordo walks through the crowd slowly as Dix follows. "We've got you," says Rachel as she watches.

Jack sees Gordo getting closer to Getty on the feed and tells him that he's up. Getty quickly splashes the liquor from the flask all over his neck and moves into action. He bumps into Gordo and then launches into this awesome Aussie accent that's not half bad, if I don't mind saying so. He blathers on about some horse in the race and Gordo's all, I AM NOT INTERESTED FUCK OFF. But Getty keeps on it, trying to get Gordo to front him some money to put down on the horse, and even though Gordo keeps trying to avoid him, Getty keeps getting back in there. "We need an assist here," says Gordo quietly. Suddenly, a rather swarthy-looking dude appears out of nowhere and grabs Getty by the arm and moves him off to the side. Getty then surreptitiously stabs him in the gut with a stun gun. Niiiiiice. Getty parks the downed guard on a bench and he looks like he's sleeping, so no one even notices the situation. Getty gets on comms and says that the first security detail's down, but the second one hasn't shown. "This one's wearing an earpiece," he says. This means that Gordo's communicating with his team via radio, so they'll have to proceed with the meet as scheduled. Dix gets this instruction from Jack and continues to follow Gordo.

Back in Syd's box, she watches as Getty walks past Gordo as Gordo goes to sit next to Sloane. "You search crowd," says the nosier-than-Professor-Choi sheik behind her. "Someone you know?" Like, what the hell business is it of his? Syd tells him that she does know the person, but I have no idea why she even needs to answer him at this point. Gordo goes to sit next to Sloane. Rachel gets on comms to Dix and tells him that if Dean's following protocol, the second detail shouldn't be any more than 50 feet away. "Do you have something for me?" asks Gordo. "I do," says Sloane, handing him the card. Sydney scans the crowd and finds the one guy in the vicinity with an earpiece and tells Dix that she's spotted the second detail. Dix says he's on it and moves down to take the dude out. "Excuse me, sir," he says, "but I believe you have my seat." The guy starts to get up and Dix downs him with a hit from his stun gun. "Drinks too much!" he says as the guy falls back down into his chair. "Filthy habit." Yes, indeed it is. Speaking of that, excuse me while I refill my glass of Mad Dog 20/20.

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