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The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire!

Meanwhile, Vaughn's just hanging out in his spy vehicle when Agent Sean beeps in. He's all a-twitter about weapons of mass destruction and Rambaldi and, uh-oh, the coordinates are the Vatican Embassy. Really? No WAY! Sean's all, GET OUT NOW. Back with Syd, Mrs. Fez ain't talkin'. Vaughn tells Syd about the coordinates/death situation and tells her to grab Mrs. Fez and get the hell out of there. Syd demands that Mrs. Fez come with her, and when Mrs. Fez says nuh-uh and starts to walk away, Syd pops her one and knocks her out. Hee. The makeup's awful, but it's damn funny to see an old lady perform a death chop like that.

In the church, the priest is telling the congregation that they must evacuate immediately. People start making their way to the doors as Vaughn carries the passed-out Mrs. Fez to his car and drops her in the back seat. Syd hops in, and they drive off. We check in with the bomb and the time's ticking down as the core's heating up. Suddenly, sparks and shit start to fly out of it, and then we're in the church as a woman starts to get up from the pew. She looks curiously at her sleeves, and -- poof! They go up in flames. Yeah. I know. Let's not talk too much about the topicality of this one, okay?

The priest goes up in flames too, and it's really hideous. Great stunts, very powerfully done scene, extremely disturbing and horrific, yadda yadda yadda. Ick. Back at Oops Center, Agent Sean's telling Vaughn that he's picked up a hot spot and it's directly behind him. Syd removes her Charlie's Angels Special Edition Old Lady Mask and asks Vaughn what's up. He tells her about the hot spot. Sean's all, dude! It's not a SPOT. It's a raging inferno! Can't you see it? Vaughn's all, nope. We got nothing back here.

Then, bing! It's gone. Sean fiddles at the keyboard, but the raging inferno has left the building. Vaughn's all, what do you MEAN it's left the building? Sean's all, gone, dude. Gone, gone, gone. Syd hears this and makes the brilliant decision to go back. Yeah, there's no reason for her to go back other than to confront her with the horror in the church.

And horror it is. Syd and Vaughn enter and wordlessly walk down the aisle (no, not like THAT), looking at the human ashes on the floor. Just then, a completely awake and alert Mrs. Fez enters and looks around. The hell? If someone knocked you out and shoved you into their backseat, would YOU follow them into the place they'd just abducted you from? I sort of didn't get this part at all. But, like, whatever. Mrs. Fez says that she'll tell them where her husband is, and we get a terrible overhead shot of the death and destruction on the church floor.

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