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The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire!

Then we hear a phone ring and we're with Francinator, looking rather sharp in her brown leather jacket. She picks up and it's Syd, calling to tell her that, once again, she has to cancel their plans. Francinator manages to channel a little bit more of Foolio and bitches at Syd to quit her job. Now, that's more like it! Then Francinator's all, yeah, well, I was probably going to cancel on you anyway. Syd's all, so, you don't want to kill me, then? Francinator's all, well, actually, now that you mention it, I DO want to kill you, but for some reason, Satan Sloane made me sign some agreement that I wouldn't. Like, what is UP with you and him anyway? Francinator tells Syd that she has to go because she's right in the middle of something. Turns out that what she's right in the middle of is shooting some hapless plumber. Once he's been disposed of, Francinator opens up some locker and places what looks like surveillance crap in someone's bag. Oh, that's not TOO obvious or anything, now is it? I have no idea who the dead guy is or whose bag Francinator's futzing with, but she just shot a guy in cold blood, so let's assume she's up to no good. okay?

Minutes later, Syd's being tortured with the typical Marshall mambo. He's yammering on about Predator and how it's one of Schwarzenegger's best films and I am SO glad they're giving Marshall more screen time. I mean, yeah, his shit's annoying to recap so I usually don't even bother, but I really have fun watching him. Just because I don't transcribe his every word doesn't mean I don't LOVE him! I mean, this whole scene is hilarious and everything, but I just don't have the time to put it all down.

What's the nutshell? Fancy Fez has heat-seeking cameras all over his compound. So Syd has to wear a cold suit and goggles that will help her not show up on camera. See? A couple of sentences to describe a scene that lasts over three minutes. Damn, I'm good!

Kandahar. Again. Some more. Syd slinks her cold-suited way into the compound. Once she's downstairs, Vaughn instructs her to go to the end of the hall. Apparently Fancy Fez is a bit of a neatnik, and he keeps all of his weapons of mass destruction in a room at the end of the hall. Syd heads that way but discovers that there's no door. Vaughn's all, the whuh? With the whuh whuh? Syd surmises that there's been some reconstruction since the war, and declares that she's going to find another way in.

But first, she's going to have to kick some guy's ass so he can pull off her mask and get caught on camera. She starts to run off, but her escape's hindered by a bunch of guys with guns. Back at Oops Center, Vaughn demands that Kendall send the tactical unit in after Syd. Kendall's all, did she defuse the bomb? Vaughn's all, uh, kind of missing the point here, dude. Kendall's all, okay, uh, Barbie traipsed in wearing bells on her ass. I'm thinking Fez has been alerted and that, if he's smart, he'll start pointing that goddamn bomb all over the bloody place. Vaughn's all, SAVE HER. Kendall's all, find another way in, dude. Then we'll talk. He walks off and Vaughn just smolders at him.

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