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The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire!

They make it to the outer door and stop. There's a group of bearded guards sitting around a fire. Dix tosses a grenade into the circle, it explodes, and Vaughn and Syd make a break for some pickup truck. Some guy upstairs starts shooting at them, and Syd performs a dive roll and shoots him dead. Dix runs up, grabs Syd, and they toss themselves into the bed of the truck. As they drive off, guards start shooting at them, and Dix handles them all. Nicely done, Dix. Nicely done.

Oops Center. Syd's writing a letter to The Vine about her dysfunctional daddy issues when Spy Daddy himself approaches her and congratulates her on a job well done. Syd's all, nah, I was lucky. Jack's all, you were good! You got the weapon! Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth! She's all, yeah, so what? So I saved lives! Whatever. I didn't get Sloane. And I didn't find out what in the hell he was doing with Fancy Fez. Jack pulls out a bag with the surveillance stuff in it and tells Syd that it was found on the plumber whose name was on the list Syd provided. "He was murdered," he says. "He was either responsible for the bugs in your apartment, or he was set up." He touches Syd's shoulder gently and says, "I'm glad you're home." Aw. He walks away, and she looks over to see Dixon, sitting at his desk. She gets up and walks over to him.

She says hi and he says hi back, and then she thanks him for saving her ass. Again. Some more. Dix reveals that he can't judge her for not spilling it to him about SD-6 and that, if he had been in her position, he probably would have done the same thing. "What's going on with Diane?" she asks. Dix pauses and thinks for a moment. "I don't know," he says, rather helplessly. Syd looks at him with concern.

Later that night, Syd's relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath while visions of burning people dance through her head. Vaughn brings her a glass of wine and sits on the edge of the tub. They kind of look at each other. Finally, Vaughn says something about the Kings being in town on Friday. "You can watch the Zamboni," he says, his forehead crinkling adorably. Syd indulges him slightly, but can't really let a nice moment just, you know, BE, and promptly launches into the church sob story. Vaughn gently strokes her face, and she looks at him sort of sadly.

Satan Sloane's Silo of Secrecy. Little Sarkie's not pleased with Sloane. Not pleased at all. He's all, dude? You blabble on and on and ON about power and control but then, when we create this awesome weapon, you leave it in the hands of a complete fucking stranger?! The HELL? "Tell me," he says, his lips tense, "how was what happened good for us?" Sloane just responds by slamming the ugly "asshat" statue on the desktop. Well, now. That's quite the statement, Sloane.

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