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The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire!

Later, at Oops Center, Syd tromps over to Vaughn and wants to know if Marshall was successful in his reverse engineering of the bug. Vaughn's all, well, hello to you too! And no, Marshall bombed on the bug. Untraceable. Syd makes this kind of "Oh, fucking GREAT! That's just fucking GREAT!" face that leads me to believe that she's not as concerned with locating Sloane as she is about not having Kendall find out that she does indeed bark like a dog whilst in the throes of passion.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Kendall informs the troops that a guy answering Sloane's description was recently seen in the company of men loyal to Fancy Fez who, as it turns out, is more than just a bad-hat fancier; he's played footsie with the Taliban. Yes, you heard me. Footsie. And I didn't come up with that word. Kendall did. All on his own. I'm so proud of him. Oh, yeah, and that Taliban thing sounds pretty bad, too. Nice bit of topicality, though, don't you think? John Eisendrath came up with that all on his own. I'm so proud of him.

What's Syd wearing, by the way? I thought striped turtlenecks went out with The Preppie Handbook. This monstrosity isn't really doing any wonders for Syd's rather mannish broad shoulders, either. And the pulled-back hair routine? As a self-professed member of the Big Foreheads Club, I'd assume that little Jenny would be a bit more careful about her hairstyle choices. They're called bangs, Jenny. Look into it.

Spy Daddy blah blahs something about how they think Fancy Fez is in some valley somewhere, but they don't really know where. And Sloane stole a bunch of missiles from him once. Vaughn's all, uh, so he stole some weapons from the dude, but now he's meeting with him? Am I missing something? Yes, Vaughn. You're missing my naked body pressed against yours. But that's not important right now.

Syd's all, Fancy Fez doesn't know who Sloane actually is, see. He sent some agent in, and he got in and out undetected. Vaughn's all, yeah? Who's this agent, then, when he's at home? Syd's all, that would be our favorite grumpy guy, Dixon. Conveniently, no paperwork or documentation was found in the takeover of SD-6 that described the missile mission. Know what that means, don't you? Yeah. Syd has to beg Dixon for help. One more time. Again. Some more. Syd's all, I don't think you appreciate Dixon's rather outrageous and overdone sense of betrayal. I'm all, I don't think you appreciate the true awfulness that is that striped turtleneck, sweetheart. Kendall's all, shut up, Barbie. And go eat some crow. Or are we forgetting how much we want to nab Satan Sloane and his trunk of Rambaldi tricks? Syd just smoothes her hair back from her gargantuan forehead and wonders if there will ever be a time when Dixon isn't going to be around to save her ass.

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