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Sloane's Dead! Long Live Sloane!

Sloane glugs from his glass of wine. Speaking of which…glug. Glug glug. Jack says something about how Irina affected Sloane's life just as much as his. "I knew the possibility existed that Sydney would be drawn into our world," says Jack. "But I often wondered why you were the one who sought her out, why you showed such paternal affection toward her. Now I know. You did it because you were angry. And jealous. And wanted to take away the one thing that was important to both Irina and me -- the symbol of what we had and you didn't. Sydney." He stops and looks at Sloane as Sloane chugs more wine. "You're right," he continues. "I'm not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut." Jack picks up the wine and takes a tiny sip. Which is important because…oh, hell. It's just important, okay? And this scene? KICKED ASS. Notice an overwhelming lack of snark? Notice that? Yeah. I thought so.

Execution Day. Sloane, dressed in the traditional orange garb reserved for those doomed to die, walks toward a cracked and dirty mirror in his cell. He takes one long look at himself. The cell door opens and an agent enters. "Half an hour," he says. Sloane just looks at him, his body seemingly small and fragile and broken. As the agent exits, Sloane turns back to his contemplation of his reflection. It's so…sad. Before we can cry, however, we head back over to Little Tokyo and catch up with Syd and Vaughn as they try to make it past a bouncer. Syd says she's on the list. The bouncer's all, yeah, whatever, everyone's on the list. Syd kind of backs off as Vaughn tries to storm his way through. For the purposes of this op, they're pretending they're not together. The bouncer shoves Vaughn back into the crowd. Vaughn's all, hey, watch the suit, man! The bouncer's all, dude. GO HOME. Vaughn's all, what, you a big tough guy now? "Livin' the dream?" Hee. I don't know why that cracked me up. The bouncer gets all up in Vaughn's face. Meanwhile, Syd slips behind the bouncer and enters the club. Nice security there, Sparky. Vaughn, sensing that this guy could break him like a twig, just gets the hell outta there.

Execution Hall. Sloane walks slowly down the hall toward Jack and Dix. He looks absolutely defeated and pathetic. Dix walks up and tells Sloane that he'll pray for him. "I pray your soul can find peace in the next life." "That's very kind, Marcus," responds Sloane. He continues walking down the hall toward Jack. They just look at each other briefly before Sloane's led away. Back in Little Tokyo, Syd's making her way to the sublevel gallery. Vaughn copies that and tells her she's all clear. FYI, it's not just Syd's wig that's hideous; the dress sucks too. Not that it matters, it's just…I've seen better on this show. So, Syd heads up to a metal door and places a device in the key card slider. She tells Marshall to work his magic. Hee. They should just say that every time they have to use some technology that doesn't exist. "Marshall? Work your magic." Because it totally is magic on this show. Marshall gets the door unlocked, and Syd opens it…which switches us immediately to the door opening in the execution arena where Sloane is about to enter. It's a wonderful, very smart, very smooth cut and makes me want to kiss Ken Olin all over. Sloane slowly shuffles in, looking about three feet tall and ninety years old. Jack and Dix and Marlon watch from the gallery. Sloane finally looks up from beneath hooded eyes and sees the cross-shaped execution table. He visibly cringes.

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