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Sloane's Dead! Long Live Sloane!

"I'm not focusing on the affair," says Syd. "I'm focusing on the child that resulted from it. A sister I never knew I had." Sloane's all, oh, dammit! You know about that too? Is there ANYTHING you don't know about? Syd's all, well, I don't know about what time next week I'm going to do naughty things to Vaughn with some hot fudge and a jar of cherries, but that's about it, dude. "It must have come as a shock to you," says Sloane resignedly. "It did to me when I found out." "Are you telling me you didn't know?" says Syd, having lost the tears and brought out the anger. "No," says Sloane. "Not until two years ago."

And we switch back to two years ago, when Sloane paid a visit to Grasshoppah in Nepal and all he got for his trouble was a goddamn ancient Rambaldi pencil case. If you recall, inside the case was an ancient manuscript which Sloane greedily read. Back then, we weren't really told what was on the manuscript. Now we're being told that on it was the revelation that Sloane had a child. From that moment on, Sloane spent every possible moment in search of this child. We then get a shot of Sloane with The Telling and the paper it's spitting out. This was obviously what Sloane was doing when Jack was strapped down in the other room. So, The Telling told Sloane what it told Bomani and Sark: an individual's DNA and the word "peace." Which, Syd reminds us, in Greek translates into "Irina." Sloane did a DNA test and confirmed that he was the father.

So, that whole OmniFam thing that Sloane created? Yeah, it was to help people, sure; but it was also a great way for Sloane to access medical databases and DNA records. "And I hoped," he says, his voice choked with emotion, "that it would help me find my daughter. I failed." "You know she is The Passenger," says Syd, her voice also tinged with emotion. "I know," whispers Sloane, as close to losing it as I've ever seen him. "I know. I also know the Covenant is after her. Sydney," and here his voice really breaks, "I want…to protect…my child." Wow. Just wow. Ladies and gentlemen, Ron Rifkin! Give the man an Emmy, goddammit. EMMY. NOW. Before he starts bawling, Sloane pulls it together and asks Syd to talk to her father. "If he is concealing evidence that would exonerate me because I had an affair with Irina, convince him to give it to you. If not for my sake, then for your sister's." Syd's obviously torn, and says nothing.

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