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Sloane's Dead! Long Live Sloane!

Dix's Office Of Marshall Kind Of Kicks Ass Too. Marshall enters. "She is good," he practically shouts to a waiting Dix, Vaughn, Syd, and Jack. "I mean, if you had to fall in love with someone evil, I can see why it was her." Heh. He looks down and sees Syd looking up at him. "You know -- not that you're -- in love with -- whatever the attraction was originally --" Hee. Vaughn just pouts at him. "Did she take the bait?" Marshall says he doesn't know about that, but he does know that Moronen definitely took his thumbprint. He heads over to Dixon's computer and takes a seat. He's looking to see if there's any use of his biometric access within the agency. In English? He's checking to see if Moronen's using his fingerprint to get to the code key.

And she is. Somewhere in the building, Moronen strips Marshall's print off the cup and uses it to access a locked room. This immediately shows up on the screen Marshall's looking at, and informs him that she's in image processing. Over in image processing, Moronen does something funky with her pen and a computer and yes, it looks like she copied the key. It comes up on the screen, and then a machine over in the corner starts printing the key onto a piece of plastic. Right. Because…paper's not good enough? Huh? I don't know. It looks cool. Moronen takes the key and gets the hell outta there. Up in Dix's office, Jack surmises that Moronen's next step will be to give the code key to her handler or whoever can use it to read the documents. Dix tells Syd that she and Vaughn will track Moronen to that location and ID her contact, and that should lead the CIA to the location of the documents. After that, they'll spec out a mission to recover them. Dix turns to Syd and tells her Jack has told them that The Passenger is Syd's sister. He hopes that whatever is in the documents will help them find the sister.

Outside Dix's office, Jack's walking off as Syd runs up to him and tells him that Sloane confirmed that he's the father. Jack's all, huh. Yeah. I see. Syd's all, I know this upsets you, dude. "I'm fine," grits Jack, totally unbelievably. He starts to storm off, but Syd won't let him leave. "If Sloane is to be executed," she says, "then it should be for a crime he committed." "What, exactly, are you implying?" snaps Jack. Heh. Syd's all, um, I would have thought it was relatively clear as to what I'm implying, dude. If you have evidence that could clear Sloane, you have to use it. Jack's all, dude? I don't have evidence. Now shut up and go make me a turkey potpie! Syd just fakes a smile at him and walks off. Jack looks after her, estimating that if he keeps his mouth shut, his daughter might just go back to hating him that way she used to back at the beginning of Season One.

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